Japanese lecturer chooses FPT University to contribute to the development of Vietnam

In love with the living pace and climate in Ho Chi Minh City, Japanese lecturer of FPT University- Mr. Kazama Kohji decided to stop his 30- year journey as an English teacher in Japan to live and work in Vietnam. The reasons keeping him in this stunning country are not only the promise with a special friend or because he falls in love with this dynamic city, but also because Kohji hedged his hopes of contributing to the development of Vietnam.

Living in Vietnam for a year and a half, one third of that time the Japanese lecturer stayed at FPT University. Before teaching here, Kohji had opportunities to work at three other schools but he still chose FPT.

Mr. Kazama Kohji is a Japanese lecturer at FPT University.
Mr. Kazama Kohji is a Japanese lecturer at FPT University.

After a half year working at FPT University, Mr. Kohji retained his original impression about FPT University, he described it in one word “Freedom” where lectures and students are able to work and study in a liberal but still professional environment.

“Here I am warmly welcomed and I have no difficulty. Luckily, I can speak English so the staff, other lecturers and students always support me in both languages,” he said happily. “I am not young and do not have much time anymore. Maybe I only work for about 10 years, so this may be my last job”.

In the eyes of students, Kazama Kohji is a friendly lecturer. After the lecture, he often walked around the corners of the school instead of returning to the teacher’s room. Mr. Kohji often read the students’ newsletter and discuss with his students to understand more. This is also an useful method to help students learn both Japanese and English faster.

“Here I think I can impact positively on students, thus affecting the development of the city in the further future,” Mr Kohji proudly stated. “FPT Corporation in general and FPT University in particular will play a big role in leading the development of Ho Chi Minh City – one of the major cities in Asia. As a member of such a large corporation, every staff, lecturer and student need strong heart and spirit to do so”.

For him, young Vietnamese as well as Japanese, will still have either good or incomplete points. “Vietnamese youths are very polite, intelligent and absolutely capable to put Vietnam over Japan or other developed countries,” he complimented. He also pointed out what FPT students need to overcome the mistakes and one of the important things is: “Students should ensure the time, never be late for an appointment”.

The experience of 30 years teaching in Japan was applied effectively to help students learn quickly and easily. “Learning with a local help us improve our pronunciation and usage of common words in standard communication,” Luu Thi Thuy Hang- a Japanese language student shared about her beloved lecturer. “Mr. Kazama Kohji is very nice and with his gentle voice, Japanese pronunciation is easy to hear”.

Source: FPT Education