Japanese enterprises highly value FPT University students

Many opportunities for the internship was opened for students of FPT University after the visit and work of five Japanese companies at the university.

FPT University students happily took pictures with business delegations.

During the meeting, the two sides discussed about the programs of FPT University and the opportunities for cooperation between the two sides to bring to On Job training program as well as introduce job opportunities at these businesses.

The delegation also visited the learning environment at FPT University. Here, the guests introduced their businesses and answer questions of students about business and working environment by Japanese.

Businesses visit and exchange with students of FPT University.

“When we saw the Japanese guests highly valued the Japanese ability and the confidence of FPT University’s students, I feel very happy and proud,” said Mr. Kazama Koji- PDP representative who led the delegation to visit FPT University said.

At the end of the visit, the delegation happily took photos with students and representatives of FPT University. The visit of Japanese business is a positive signal to help freshmen have more confidence and motivation to study in the coming time to be ready to catch the wonderful opportunity.

Source: FPT Education