Jack Ma with his 15 inspirational quotes to Vietnamese Youth

On November 6, Alibaba’s billionaire founder – Jack Ma talked with students of some universities in Vietnam during a special meeting with its theme: ‘Dialogue with Jack Ma’ co-organized by FPT Group, Hochiminh Communist Youth Union, and online newspaper VnExpress. At the meeting, he has shared his career and some tips for young people.

For more than 60 minutes of talk, sharing and speech, billionaire Jack Ma, Head of the world-famous e-commerce empire Alibaba has many inspirational sentences for young people in Vietnam. He is the living proof of the importance of self-effort, as well as perseverance and determination on the path to success.

Billionaire Jack Ma in conversation with Vietnamese youth.
Billionaire Jack Ma in conversation with Vietnamese youth.

Here are 15 inspirational quotes by billionaire Jack Ma at the “Dialogue with Jack Ma”:

  1. “Successful people never complain”.
  2. “No one is super hero. If you want to succeed, you have to be realistic”.
  3. “Money is very important, if you have no money, you cannot be happy. However, money does not make you fully happy. What you need is accomplishment”.
  4. “After each failure, I went home and slept. Tomorrow will be another day to fight”.
  5. “If tears can solve my problems, I will cry all day. But I have to make myself happy. I made my hand warm by myself”.
  6. “We learn very little from the success of others, but learn a lot from their failure”.
  7. “Do not expect success to come immediately to you next month or next year. You may have to prepare yourself for the next 10 years”.
  8. “I do not think I’m smarter than you, I slipped three times for the university entrance exam, but I did not give up, I failed, I did it again”.
  9. “Before 20 years old, your most important thing is to study well. Between 20 and 30 years old, instead of looking for a good company, you should seek a good boss. Between 30 and 40 years old, you just do what you want to do. At 50, do the thing you are good at. Between 50 and 60 years old, you had better give the opportunity to young people. Beyond 60, take time for your grandchild”.
  10. “When I started my career, I often asked my co-workers whenever I was in trouble. At the bigger company, I still asked my co-workers. It’s a team work, not just doing one job together. I never conceal anything with my co-workers; we discuss each other openly and frankly”.
  11. “No one is perfect; don’t think that you make your team successful. Instead, you should think that your team makes you successful”.
  12. “If no one helps you, do not be surprised, it is natural. If someone helps you, that’s unusual”.
  13. “When you want to do something today, you should say: “I will succeed in the next 10 years”. We need 10 years to succeed. The right time, right people and wait 10 years later you will succeed. To be an entrepreneur, you should be optimistic about the future. Although you are not successful right now, you must be confident and optimistic”.
  14. “We need to learn from others’ failures. For success, there are many reasons, but for failures, it is very few. Find out why people fail. We try to avoid falling; every time we fall is a lesson”.
  15. “When I first failed, I was very sad. After that, I watched movies and learned that life was like a chocolate box, but the taste was bitter. Always be silly and aim to your dream, do not think too much”.

Source: Baomoi.com