IT Fresh graduate could receive a salary of $300 – $1,000 at FPT Software

The salary will depend on the academic results, foreign languages, programming languages, learning experiences, and graduation thesis, etc.

According to Chairman of FPT Software – Mr. Hoang Nam Tien, a newly-graduated software engineer (1-2 years of experience) at FPT Software could earn from USD 300 to USD 1,000 depending on academic results, foreign languages, programming languages, learning experiences, and graduation thesis, etc.

FPT University is the only representative of Vietnam receiving the ASOCIO ICT Award in 2018.

According to the report on Information Technology Market Human Resources 2019 released by VietnamWorks, the Blockchain developer can receive the highest average salary, up to USD 2,241. Meanwhile, software engineers in AI sector could have a salary of USD 1,844 USD, following by Full Stack developer with a salary of USD 1,642 USD.

“However, with high income, all students have to have serious work ethic, good foreign language ability and hard-work attitude because technology is one of the areas with the fastest change especially in Industry 4.0,” a representative of FPT University shared. 

During the study period, FPT University students have chance to participate in exchange programs, internship, Personal Development Program, etc. These are all skills that the University focuses on to equip students from the first year. In order to be qualified to study at FPT University, students are required to have English certification equivalent to 6.0 IELTS or 80 TOFEL iBT. Or they must join English course to achieve this English level which is the minimum for students to follow the school’s curriculum with 100% in English.

Thanks to being trained in soft skills early and experiencing the real working environment at enterprises, FPT University students are able to adapt with the requirements of the labor market upon graduation. According to the school’s statistics, 98% of graduates have jobs with a competitive salary; 19% of alumni work abroad; and 100% of students have the opportunity to work at FPT Corporation.

FPT University aims to build a model of a new generation university with a modern educational philosophy, combining practical training which adapts human resource needs of the country and contributing to the education of Vietnam. The difference between FPT University and other universities is the close link with enterprises, combining training with practice, with research & development and the most up-to-date technologies.

Having been experiencing 13 years of establishment, FPT University is proud to be the leading IT university in Vietnam with its global reputation for excellence in technology and 5-star student services. The university will be the best choice for international students who want to choose high-quality education in one of the most dynamic countries in Asia. 

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