The inspirer of traditional music at FPT University

When the traditional music seems to be lost, more and more spectators especially young people like lecturer Nguyen Thu Thuy, who desires to share what has been learned to the youth, try to bring this music closer to audience .

“I find that bringing traditional music to young audiences is part of my responsibility,” she explained the reason why she became one of the first traditional music teachers at FPT University in the 2014- 2015 school year when FPT University officially introduced folk music into the curriculum.

Not only good at bamboo flute, Vietnamese 4 chord lute and Vietnamese plucked lute, Ms. Thuy are also able to play Piano, Vietnamese monochord and Vietnamese 16-chord zither. At FPT University, she is a lecturer of Vietnamese 16-chord zither. However, after school, she also taught students to play Vietnamese 4 chord lute and Vietnamese plucked lute.

Lecturer of traditional music instrument- Ms. Nguyen Thu Thuy

With Ms. Thuy, inspiring the passion and love for traditional music especially to young people like FPT students is her happiness. Thanks to her enthusiasm, the deep love for traditional music has brightened and expanded to many generation of students, siblings, friends and colleagues.

Teaching music to FPT students who are considered as “outsiders” causes her many difficulties. However, Ms.Thuy also shared that transferring knowledge to those who only know about IT, Economy or language like FPT students are quite interesting as many of them are talented and have special ability to remember very well. “This is a great advantage for music learners,” she said.

At the beginning of each course, she always asks and tests student’s’ musical knowledge to understand their abilities to have appropriate teaching methods. “Some students could not feel the length of the beats and the melody of the song,” Ms. Nguyen Thu Thuy shared. “At that time, I have to stand next to them, sing the melody, knock on the table and even knock on students so they can feel the rhythm”.

Nguyen Thu Thuy inspired the passion and love with traditional musical instruments to many students at FPT University.

During the lessons, Ms. Thuy told stories about the origin of traditional music or her own experiences when starting to learn to encourage students to overcome the difficulties. Some students shared that they felt homesick when listen to a traditional song. “At that time, the atmosphere was quiet and I know that they are thinking about their parents and remember their hometown. I think that silence is important and meaningful to every person,” she said.

For nearly 14 years, Nguyen Thu Thuy always had a special love with music which has become her indispensable part. The more she learnt about the traditional music of the country and compared to Western music, the more valuable and different she found.

“I am very lucky to have the opportunity to meet and learn with older artists who hold the treasures of this musical genre,” she said. 

“If you did not listen to traditional music, try once listening to a full song directly. Many students shared that when listening to them differently, it is much more interesting. And when you found it’s good, you can play,” Ms. Thu Thuy recommended based on the moment she felt in love with traditional music. If time went back, she would still choose it as her endless passion.

Previously, she has brought a special performance to the gala honoring Top 100 FPT, which took place on March 15th in Taipei, Taiwan.

Source: FPT Education & Cocdoc