Improve brain power with Dr. Brain

On February 3, more than 300 high school students joined in the “Enhancing brain power” workshop with Dr. Nguyen Hong Phuong (as known as Dr. Brain) in the Innovation Center, Quang Trung Software Park, Ho Chi Minh City.  

Dr. Nguyen Hong Phuong – Training Director at FPT School of Business & former Head of FPT University training department, was known as the guide who has brought the memory reward to students of FPT University in 2015. With 15 students who excellently passed the test of brain power, FPT University was officially recognized by the Guinness World Records in Vietnam as the first university having largest number of students who received the “Memory Grand Master”.

Students listened to the share of “Dr. Brain” Nguyen Hong Phuong.

As part of the Open Day- Experience the Difference at FPT University, the “brain doctor” spread her positive energy to high school students. “We will remember the image longer than the numbers and letters,” the doctor highlighted. Dr. Hong Phuong shared the way to apply the Christmas method to remember long and quickly. Of which, C – concentration, R – Ridiculous Thinking, I – Imagination, M – Mnemonics, A – Association, S- Science of Belief, provide proofs to transfer numerical or textual data into images for longer memorization.

FPT University students- Pham Hong Linh (left) and Tran Nguyen Phuoc (right) memorize 48 numbers in a very short time. Nguyen Phuoc is also one of 15 FPT University students who received the Memory Grand Master.

“At FPT University, all students have learned how to improve memory in the orientation week at the beginning of the school year.” said Dr. Nguyen Hong Phuong. The shared also witnessed the participation of Tran Nguyen Phuoc and Pham Hoang Linh – student at FPT University. Two students read the sequence of 48 numbers and spent less than 5 minutes to remember.

VR glass attracted students to experience new technology.

On the occasion of the Open Day, students also learnt about career orientation and enrollment regulations; experienced technology product; as well as joined Spring Market at FPT University.

“The share is very interesting,” Nguyen Thi Thu Ha- a high school student shared. “I have learnt many ways to remember very well that I have not ever tried”.

Source: FPT Education