Impressive Statements at FPT Tech Day 2017

Experts both inside and outside of FPT claim that AI is becoming more familiar in today’s life, and businesses should experiment with the technology in the 4.0 revolution.

“The training of a quality IT team for the 4.0 industrial revolution requires the direct involvement of businesses in the training process of universities from the moment of sowing, not just waiting until achieving the results.”, said Mr. Pham Bao Son_Vice Head of Technology University in Vietnam National University, Hanoi.
“Once people have produced something to make them lose their jobs, they will also find a way to create new jobs.”, said Mr. Nguyen Hoa Binh, Chairman of NextTech_Group of Technopreneurs.
“We will see the support of many AI applications in the future, maybe they even replace humans. Countries, like Vietnam, need to recognize full challenges and opportunities to promote their national advantages.”, said Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hung_ Deputy Minister of Information and Communication.
“The biggest wish is that all businesses capture opportunities to try AI as possible and wait for results, do not wait for others to prove. Let’s create our own bridge instead of waiting for the world to do it.”, said Mr. Le Hong Viet_Chief Technology Officer of FPT.
“Artificial intelligence is not just intelligence, it is also an interaction.”, said Mr. Seon Yong Park_Senior Solution Architect of Amazon.
“The difference between the machine and the human is senses. In many difficult circumstances, only humans dare to break through their decision making, which machines cannot do it.”, said Le Nhan Tam_Cloud Adaption Leader – IBM Cloud.

Credit: Duc Anh (