Huge employment opportunities for students majoring Japanese Language at FPT University

Currently, the number of Japanese businesses investing in Vietnam is increasing, which means that fluent in Japanese will have more employment opportunities along with attractive salary.

Job Opportunities for the Japanese Language

In recent years, the number of Japanese enterprises investing in Vietnam has increased significantly. According to statistics, Japan is the third largest FDI country in 58 countries and territories which invested in Vietnam. This means that fluent in Japanese language will have huge employment opportunities.

FPT University students often experience Japan culture and exchange with young people from Japan.

Japanese language students with a comprehensive background in society, culture and history could work in state agencies, social-political organizations, publishers and Japanese businesses with attractive salary.

“At present, learning Japanese opens up many high-paid job opportunities and attractive incentives for young people. Jobs are also diverse such as translation, interpretation, assistant director, tour guide, consultant, office secretary, human resources, etc.,” Mr. Nguyen Cuong- Head of Japanese Language Department at FPT University said: For the Japanese language industry, the job is very diverse and with new graduates at N2 level, the starting salaries will range from USD 400 to USD 500. Meanwhile, those who have working experience could earn USD 700 to USD 1,000, or even USD 1,500”.

In addition, for young people who aims to study abroad, Japanese language industry is also a wise choice. Currently, Japan is one of the leading countries who provide a lot of scholarships for Vietnamese with various forms of short-term or full scholarship.

Head to the sun

The Japan Culture Day organized by FISEC took place on March 4 at FPT Building, An Don Industrial Park, Son Tra District, Danang City.

The Japanese language program at FPT University aims to equip students with knowledge of Japanese language, culture, analytical skills and assessment related to the subject. Besides, students are trained soft skills and self- development. These has created many advantages of FPT students in the eyes of employers.

“FPT University students majoring in language not only receive professional training but also learn principle in communication, attitude and professional working environment of Japan,” Nguyen Thi Cam Tien- a former student of the Japanese language at FPT University said. “Thanks to that, we can get well with the working environment very soon”.

In addition, to grasp the development trend of society with the explosion of Industry revolution 4.0, the training program of FPT University focuses on practical language in two fields of information technology and commerce. The students are equipped with the necessary skills and apply the knowledge of language into practical work. In particular, FPT students have the opportunity to participate in a student exchange program in Japan that lasts two semesters. This is an exciting and motivating experience for those who are pursuing Japanese.

As an attractive destination for many international students, FPT University regularly welcomes Japanese students for cultural exchanges. This is a great opportunity for Japanese students to learn about culture and people coming from the land and of the Rising Sun.

Source: FPT Education