How did I grow up after the internship?

Winning the title of “Golden Toad” (prestigious award for FPT University students who have the excellent learning result and energetically join the university’s activities) twice does not bring Le Ngoc Hieu- a K9 student at FPT University any priority or favorable conditions when entering on On the job training (OJT).

On the contrary, the great effort at the workplace has helped Hieu make a mark at the office and grew up within just 4 months of OJT. He has shared the passion of the journey of swimming “from the pond to the sea”.

Le Ngoc Hieu
In the sixth semester, FPT students have 4 -8 months of internship at the University’s business partners to accumulate practical experience.

Golden Toad on his internship  – “People do not care who you are”

“The important thing is your ability and value that you can bring to the company,” Le Ngoc Hieu said. The internship at FSoft Ho Chi Minh City in four months has brought Hieu a lot of unforgettable lessons and experiences in a real, serious and professional working environment.

Hieu said that after one month of internship, he was interviewed to join real projects. Throughout the interview, Hieu was assigned to take part in a project with Japanese clients as a Developer. At the end of the internship, Hieu came back to the University to study but has been working for almost 1 month due to lack of people.

“OJT is a very useful and important period for students as it creates opportunities to experience as a full time employee and see the real working environment,” said Le Ngoc Hieu. “Through this, you can determine what you like and what you are suited to in order to orient your future”.

“As the software engineering industry is developing very fast and diverse, internships at large companies like Fsoft can give you a better view of current needs and trends in technology, helping you a lot in choosing the future path, “Hieu commented.

In particular, internship at FSoft, required the usage of different languages and technology for different projects. Despite a student or a freshman, Ngoc Hieu and other interns are not favorably assigned easier or lighter tasks. All of them have to work as real employees. Therefore, Hieu determined to try his best to work and collect the amount of basic knowledge to prepare for future work.

FPT student- Le Ngoc Hieu.
FPT student- Le Ngoc Hieu.

Value of the knowledge

“Mature” is probably one of the things that most FPT University students recognize about themselves after the internship. Hieu also saw it not only with himself but also with his friends who became more mature after OJT.

“Actually, I learned so much from the internship. The most important thing is probably the workflow of FSoft, because in software engineering, workflow plays a very important role,” said Ngoc Hieu. “In addition, I have accumulated experience, expanded relationships, learnt communication skills to deal with customers in Vietnam and abroad, as well as known how to respond emails and how to exchange work and do teamwork “.

Perhaps, such lessons make FPT University students like Hieu have a more serious look and attitude about the profession as well as learning process. “I decided to study at FPT University because I felt that the training program is close to reality, ensuring good job after graduation. The learning environment here is quite comfortable, especially the teachers, staff are very friendly and enthusiastic,” Hieu noted.

He also realized the important value of the knowledge learned in the school during the internship. “Before the internship, I learned about software production processes, so when I was working, I was not surprised,” he enhanced. “Japanese language is also valuable as Japan is a big customer of software outsourcing in Vietnam”.

Currently, Le Ngoc Hieu came back to study and plans to participate in some programming contests to gain experience.

Source: FPT Education