Student Exchange Program (SEP)

“Improve your knowledge with the leading experts and meet friends from all over the world”


The program provides up to 5 academic courses that are conducted in English with a total of 15 credits (3 credits per each, equivalent to 45 teaching hours). The choice of around 50 subjects is available with our consultant service and the easy transfer system enable learners to transfer credits back to your home university. The exchange program is available for students from our partner institutions. Students do not need to pay the semester tuition fee to FPT University to join this program.

For students, please check with your international student mobility coordinator to see if your university has an exchange partnership with FPT University.

For universities and institutions, to enquire for possible exchange partnership, please contact us at

Location: Hanoi


  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese
  • Software Engineering
  •  Electronic & Communication
  •  Information Assurance
  •  Computer Science
  •  Graphic Design
  •  Business Administration
  •  Finance & Banking

Duration: 1 semester (4 months)

Application deadlines:

  • Spring Semester: November 13th
  • Summer Semester: March 13th
  • Winter Semester: July 13th