Semester Abroad Program (SAP)

The best way to develop insight to the Vietnamese culture and reflect on the students’ own understanding



Studying abroad enhances students’ experience in Vietnam by engaging in our campus life. Take classes from the best lecturers in Vietnam, who are also experts in their fields, enjoy student life to the fullest at our fantastic dorms, and discover the natural beauty of our country during your time here.

The program provides up to 5 academic courses that are conducted in English with a total of 15 credits (3 credits per each, equivalent to 45 teaching hours). The choice of around 50 subjects is available with our consultant service, and the easy transfer system enables learners to transfer credits when being back to home university. In addition to academic program, excursions such as City Tour, City Outreach, Industrial visit, etc. are embedded across the courses, exposing the students to Hanoi city – one of the most well -known cities in Southeast Asia with fascinating blend of ancient architecture and a home for countless historical monuments and shrines.

Location: Hanoi


  •  Language: English, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese
  •  Software Engineering
  •  Electronic Communication
  •  Information Assurance
  •  Computer Science
  •  Graphic Design
  •  Business Administration/Finance & Banking

Duration: 1 semester (4 months)

Application deadlines:

  • Spring Semester: November 13th
  • Summer Semester: March 13th
  • Winter Semester: July 13th