Community Outreach Program (COP)

Get involved in the local community through volunteer- based projects such as teaching local children or preserving environment!


Our Community Outreach Program in Vietnam is a well-developed volunteer program with the purpose of establishing an effective and sustainable instrument to improve the environmental conditions in coastal area and the educational status of communities in need. Students are encouraged to take charge in the project and work together with other students or local colleagues to help the community.

Location: Hanoi, Da Nang

Available programs:

Natural Resource Development Project

Preserving coastal environment in Da Nang beach bylaunching environmental awareness campaigns; designing schemes and connecting with young teams in their localities to collect garbage on beach and keep coastal environment

Human Development Project

Teaching English for primary students in a local village in Hanoi or Da Nang, in partnership with local full-time primary teachers. Particularly, students can be organized into smaller groups to practice in different classes for kids ranging from 06 to 15 years old. The duty is to build a more flexible and authentic learning environment for local children to get familiar with English as their second language.  

Duration: 1 month to 4 months