Hola Techday 2018 with amazing robot competition

Nearly 200 high school students in Hanoi and other northern provinces had an useful, interesting and emotional experience in HoLa Techday 2018 held by FPT University on April 22.

FPT Software’s Chairman – Mr. Hoang Nam Tien participated in HoLa Techday 2018.

Appearing in the familiar orange shirt, on the morning of April 22 at Hola Techday 2018, Mr. Hoang Nam Tien impressed students with the funny, intimate and generous sharing. The case story of Google’s Artificial Intelligence triumphed at chess against world-leading players, IBM’s AI in Diagnosis for Cancer Treatment or Robot Sophia as the first robot declared a citizen by Saudi Arabia, etc. made students surprised about the development of technology in the world.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phong- Vice Rector of FPT University shared the future career direction.

He also hoped that in the future, the younger generation of FPT will create technology products with the label “Made in Vietnam”. During the event, students had a wonderful day with new insights into the 4.0 technology revolution, especially in artificial intelligence.

“If you want to study and work abroad, go to FPT University. In 4-5 years, I want you to become my colleague,” Mr. Tien added.

FPT University students show their autonomous car which won the Digital Race 2017-2018 for the North area.

With the solid foundation, FPT University has offered advanced training program, opening the door for young generation of Vietnamese students closer to the world. “At FPT University, we regularly update the curriculum to match the development trend,” said Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phong – Vice Rector of FPT University. “FPT University promotes the students’ self-learning ability, which is considered to be the core factor which leads to the success of students in the future”.

High school students were interested in discovering technology products at Hola Techday 2018.
Contestants prepared for the competition.

Students also had chance to involve in the “Mini First Tech Challenge”. Participants divided into 10 teams who came from 10 different schools. In nearly two hours, teams were instructed to do programing and code to control the robot.

Teams took photo with each other.

“The event is really useful and interesting,” said Hai Long- a student from Tran Phu High School (Hai Phong). “I was impressed by the speaker’s share which helps me improve my knowledge and promotes motivation for me to pursue the technology. Thank FPT University for organizing this event for us “.

Hola Techday closed with a lot of useful knowledge and interesting experiences for the students.

Source: FPT EducationF