HOLA – ideal workplace for F-developer

When Hanoi entered the murky winter weather, people still have to pass through the cold, to breathe in the polluted dust to rush to the office. There was a green and calm campus named Hoa Lac that F-developers often call “Hola”.


Only 45 minutes by car from Hanoi, F-Ville appears as a perfect green highlight in the space of Hoa Lac High-Tech Park. With the expectation of providing programmers a creative and friendly working space, F-Ville is designed according to the plan of optimizing the natural features to create a “green office building” with a greenery system present in most areas of the building.
The priceless gem in this tranquil green space is the Koi fish aquarium located in the center of the F-Ville 2 campus. This area is designed in a Japanese style with a red gate featuring hundreds of Koi fishes that are carefully nurtured and cared for.
Next to the lake, there are always many packages of fish food available, the F family members can come down here to relax when they are working with colorful fish.
If F-Ville 1 is famous for its mini rice fields, F-Ville 2 brings full blooming walls and fences, providing a poetic and romantic atmosphere like an ancient European garden.
F-Ville not only provides a simple working space but also has the facilities of an ecosystem such as an indoor multi-purpose sports area, an outdoor swimming pool, and especially a kindergarten to support practically for employees to stabilize their life to be able to best develop their abilities at work. The 3-year-old girl named Linh is one of the children of the FSmall generation studying at the F-Ville 2 Kindergarten.
Every day, Linh and her mother wait for buses from Hanoi to Hola, where she goes to kindergarten and also where her mother – a software tester is working.
FPT Software in Hoa Lac (F-Ville 1 and F-Ville 2) is built on a campus model with lots of green trees and an environment-friendly landscape. Besides, the natural factors are very important factors in the design concept. From the basement to the roof, all the ideas of ventilation, natural lighting, use of solar energy, reuse of rainwater, and environmentally friendly materials are shown. F-Ville is a typical example of green architecture, a peaceful workspace.

Source: Chungta.vn