The hidden hero behind programming awards of FPTU students

Famous for being difficult and stern in the lecture hall, Mr. Kieu Trong Khanh- Head of ITS, is one of the most unforgettable teachers for many generations of students at FPT University.

Despite the students’ lament, Mr. Khanh is always a stern teacher, putting high demands on learning and teaching. However, behind the special identity, he is a passionate teacher who love his students.

A passionate teacher

Graduated from Asian Institute of Technology and officially worked for FPTU from 2009, Mr. Khanh shared that “the work at FPTU requires a great effort. Beside that, my knowledge and experience are enriched by the students I have learnt a lot form them, that made me grown up a lot”.

He is famous for being difficult and stern in the lecture hall but in real life he is impartial, cheerful, friendly, ready to help students whenever they need and love playing football with students. Mr. Khanh believed that he is strict and always put pressure on students because he wants students to work hard to be “worthy of the university degree”.

Although many students had to study again or be scared in the class but they always show respect and admiration. Teacher Kieu Trong Khanh was named by students as “Khanh Kute”. “Teacher Khanh is the motive for me to go to school. It’s like people who want to have a revenge will prompt martial arts training faster,” an alumni shared.

The book “Surviving in Mr. KhanhKT’s course” was written by alumni Pham Huy Hoang and Nguyen Thanh Hoa.

In charge of two hard and basic subjects which are Advanced Java (now Web-based Java Application) and XML, the pressure of the teacher in imparting knowledge is really big. He often asked students to read textbooks before the class, listened to lecturers in class and review after the class to have deep understand about the lessons. In class, students are always required to focus on listening, recording, and reviewing the previous knowledge.

During the class, Mr. Khanh often asks questions related to the previous lesson to review the learning process of students.

Happiness in front of rumours

The austerity of Mr. Khanh has created many legends about him across the university. All students are sacred when hearing his name. “I have heard some rumors about me which are partly myths and partly true,” he smiled. “This will help me a lot to reflect myself what to improve and change to become better”.

Despite his hard and stern personality, he received a lot of surprises during the work. “On Vietnamese Teacher Day, many students, who I think they will hate me a lot as I forced them to do the project again for many times, thank me for my support. In fact, in my opinion I did not do anything,” he happily said. “Even in a special project, there was only a student following although his team members quit. Later on, I learned that the student kept working for me. He said that he did not want to disappoint me. These are some of many memories that help me continue to believe in my work”.

The hidden hero behind the programming awards

As a devoted teacher, Mr. Kieu Trong Khanh often encourages his students to constantly learn and apply knowledge into practice. He believed that no one could do well without practice and training so students need to follow the circle “Do- Learn- Review- Learn from mistakes and experience- Improve- Do”. This is also an useful advice for students to learn well.

With that concept, Mr. Khanh has contributed to help many students to succeed. In particular, he was the person behind the winning of many FPTU Programming Awards such as SMAC Challenges 2015, Smart Hackathon in Binh Duong 2016, FPT Hackathon 2016 contest organized by FPT Corporation and Mobile Hackathon 2016 by Google Developer Group – GDG in Ho Chi Minh City, etc. The ideas are always highly practical and attracted business community.

According to Mr. Khanh, these winning products are actually graduation projects, which are studied by students with all abilities, passion and enthusiasm. In the process of work, he was always strict and set high demands on the integrity of the product. As a result, these products have gone beyond the framework of student graduation projects. “Awards are not what I want from students to join contests. I motivate students to join contests to have a chance to express idea, approach and learn from experts as well as improve products more useful and practical,” he shared.

With that desire, Mr. Khanh and his students spent money and effort to invest in products to make the project then bring them to join the contests, especially with the idea of using a completely new technology or tools. “Every problem in life has certain difficulties but it is also the motivation for us to explore, learn and have the opportunity to assert ourselves,” he noted.

Source: FPT Education