The “hard-training” time at FPT University is worthy

“Each of us has a beautiful youth. With me, the most beautiful youth was the time to become a member of FPT University which is also my second home,” quoted from the sharing in Alumnibook of Ms. Le Thi Phuong Dung majoring in Finance and Banking.  

I came to FPT University as a destiny. Recalling that summer, when I was at home recovering after a stress exam, I had received a phone call from a guy at FPTU about an entry pre-qualification. I was so happy that I had a chance to visit Ho Chi Minh. As a destiny, I have been stick with this city and FPT University for four years.   

“Each of us has a beautiful youth. With me, the most beautiful youth was the time to become a member of FPTU which is my second home,” Phuong Dung shared.

I still remembered in September, I went to Saigon with the huge expectation of my parents. On the first days of school, I was surprised with the modern learning way of FPT University.

It is undeniable that FPTU has changed me a lot from a shy girl to be stronger and confident. Now I can stand and speak English in front of the crowd that was my fear when I was a high school student. When I speak English with foreign teachers, I feel very happy because I can communicate well.

I am very lucky that my curriculum follows the standard of the United States. The classrooms are equipped with air-condition, teachers are very friendly and open to ask questions and discuss.

When I unexpectedly moved to Hanoi, I was very worried about the new environment and differences between North and South culture. It was really amazing that the environment is the same at all campuses. My anxiety has been replaced by happy days.

Now I am an alumni and waiting for my degree but I’m still able to go to work. Everyone in my company admitted that FPT University students are dynamic, knowledgeable and fluent in English. I do not know when my skills has improved but it is obviously that the years of training at FPTU are worthy.

Thank you, “my 4-year darling”!

Source: FPT Education