Give away is to get back

It’s a hot day in the middle of July, a young man from Nigeria traveled to his English center. With the dream to bring the ability and confidence to use English fluently to local people, Daniel Eden – a student of FPT Education has opened an English center with his friend. 

Came to Vietnam in 2015 to study at a prestigious university which is founded by a leading IT company in Vietnam, Daniel was very excited and has dreamed a lot about his future career. “Most people in my country travel to study in Europe or America but I wanted to study somewhere different,” he shared about the reason why he chose Vietnam to study . 

As many other international students, although Daniel is an active person, he still found a lot of difficulties in the first days such as homesickness, language barrier, etc. 

However, this time passed very quickly because new activities at FPT University made his student life become more exciting and colourful.

After  studying in Vietnam and at FPT, Daniel has become familiar with this place. He has made a reckless decision to open an English center – Stars English. “We teach English to kids and to adults soon,” he explained. “Living in Vietnam, communication has been one of my biggest problems so doing this business is my own way of giving back to society”.

Star English is designed to help learners improve their communication and build their confidence by having a random 30-minute online chat with different expats each week. During the course, learners will be participating in events and tours to have interesting experiences. “We create a learning environment where Vietnamese people can feel confident and comfortable with English language,” said Daniel.

There are still a lot of difficult ahead but with his hard-working spirit and effort, Daniel will be successful in the future. “My plan is to grow my business. To all new international students, I’d say give the people and culture a chance you’ll love it,” he said.