FSB reached the top 30 best full time MBA programs in the region

FPT School of Business (FSB)- FPT University ranked top 30 in Far East Asia and top 200 in the world in term of best full time MBA, becoming the only Vietnamese representative in the list.

The information has just been posted on the website of Eduniversal- a global ranking and rating agency specializing in higher education with a list of the best 4000 master courses in 32 different fields worldwide.

FSB Eduniversal

Regarding to full time MBA program, Top 30 Best Masters 2017 in Far East Asia are from 11 countries, of which, China ranks highest with 8 universities, following by Japan with 5 university. All are prestigious schools teaching MBA in the region recognized academically. The top three representatives in the Far East Asia rankings are Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, the National University of Singapore- School of Business, and the Fudan University School of Management (China). The only representative of Vietnam, FSB Institute of Business Administration – FPT University, ranked 27th among 30 universities. Click here for detailed list.

According to Eduniversal’s rankings, FSB is also among the top 1000 best business schools in the world and Top 3 best business schools in Vietnam together with the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City and French-Vietnamese Center for Management CFVG – National Economics University.

The evaluation of Eduniversal’s rankings on full time MBA programs is based on three main factors including the prestige of the school, the success and satisfaction of students participating in the program, and the quality of the training program. Accordingly, the MBA program of FSB is highly assessed by having the practical value, sticking to the modern management viewpoint, applying advanced training methods and high information technology, as well as being taught by a team of experienced trainers and experts.

The opening ceremony of MBA program in 2016.
The opening ceremony of MBA program in 2016.


“Because the mission of FSB is to train the generation of elite, superior and bright businessmen/ business women contributing to change the image of the Vietnamese economy, we always strive to bring our students the best,” said Mr. Nguyen Viet Thang, Director of FSB. “The training direction is to invite the GREAT lecturers with GREAT PRACTICE lessons and attract the GREAT PEOPLE to have a good foundation of knowledge and leadership skills for students”. Being the only representative of Vietnam in the top 30 MBA programs in Far East Asia has shown the University’ efforts to affirm its position in particular and the education of Vietnam in general on the map of world knowledge.

MBA students from FSB in the MBA Residence week.

With the goal of equipping executives not only the latest knowledge of modern business management but also the skills to become a full-fledged leader, the FeMBA of FSB builds an active learning environment, increases interactivity through classroom lessons as well as provides in-depth management seminars.

As many students assessed, FSB MBA program is highly practical with a variety of situations and realistic case studies. The FSB applies a methodology of building knowledge based on case studies in real projects providing the closest experience of the real business environment. The dynamic learning atmosphere combined with the theoretical background filtered from the MBA curriculum of the world’s leading universities creates excitement for learning and stimulates the creative thinking of students.

Credit: FPT Education