[FPTU] The First University to Publish the List of Successful Candidates

On July 16, FPT University announced the list of nearly 500 first successful candidates.

According to FPT University, after the first adjustment date of aspirations for recruitment (16/7), more than 5,000 candidates registered their aspirations. Among them, nearly 500 students passed the first regular university degree by registering into FPT University.

FPT University is the first school to announce the first list of successful candidates in 2017.
FPT University is the first school to announce the first list of successful candidates in 2017.

The final list will be announced before 5pm on August 1st. Successful candidates who change their aspirations to other schools may not be included in the final list.

In 2017, FPT University recruited 2,000 students in the fields of Science, Technology, Economics – Society and Application of Arts. Composite selections include A00, A01, D01, D90 and D96, depending on the programs they enroll.

In order to be admitted to FPT University, the applicants must have a total of 3 GPA from 15.5 or above, or a GPA of 6.0 or higher with 3 corresponding subjects registered for studying at FPT University; Qualified for pre-qualification of FPT University (passing the entrance exam or qualifying for exemption).

Candidates who get 21 points or more (including priority points) of the total of 3 national high school subjects, or a GPA of 7.0 or higher, 3 corresponding subjects with registered bachelor degree in 5 consecutive semesters are exempted from the entrance exam of FPT University.

Set up in September 2006, FPT University was the first private school established by the enterprise. According to statistics, 98% of students have jobs after 12 months of graduation; 31% worked for FPT Corporation, 4.5% started up their businesses, 15% worked in foreign countries or foreign companies.

FPT University is aiming to build a model of a new university generation with a modern educational philosophy which is closely associated with training with real life and human resources of the country, contributing to make the education of Vietnam keep pace with countries worldwide. The difference of FPT University with other universities is that it is in close cooperation with enterprises, combining training with reality, with research and development and the most modern technologies.

Credit: Xuan Hoa (Vnexpress.net)