FPT’s oversea markets profit soars by 35%

FPT’s overseas market recorded positive results with VND 3 trillion (USD 136 million), contributing 37% of the corporation’s total revenue.

According to the business report, in the first five months of 2018, FPT continued to maintain impressive growth momentum. Revenue and profit before tax of FPT in the first 5 months of 2018 increased 21% and 34%, respectively.

FPT office in Myanmar

In particular, FPT’s revenue reached VND 8.2 trillion (USD 364.7 million) while profit before tax (PBT) reached VND 1.4 trillion (USD 62 million). In comparison with the same period in 2017 ( the consolidated results after merging with FPT Retail and Synnex), sales dropped by 49% and EBT increased 21% over the same period.

FPT’s after-tax profit reached VND1.2 trillion (USD 52 million), up 21% y / y. Profit margin was 17.0%, 2.4 times over the same period.

Technology sector recorded revenue and PBT of VND 4.3 trillion (USD 191.7 million) and VND 483 billion (USD 21.1 million), up 24% and 39% YoY, respectively. In which, the software outsourcing segment recorded revenue of VND 2.8 trillion (USD 126.2 million), up 27% YoY. PBT was VND 441 billion (USD 19.4 million), up 27% YoY. FPT recently reached the two memoranda of understanding in digital transformation with a total value of over USD 30 million in Japan.

The overseas markets continued to be a key growth driver for FPT. Ending the first five months of 2018, FPT’s overseas markets recorded a healthy growth with revenue increased by 25% to VND 3 trillion, and PBT up 35% YoY to VND 494 billion (USD 135.9 million). The overseas revenue contributed 37% to the corporation’s total revenue, up 22% YoY.

Source: FPT Education