FPT University’s library where students find peace and knowledge

With an open and silent space, FPT University library in the Innovation building is the ideal choice for students who need to focus highly to study, improve knowledge, academic research or application. Or sometimes it’s just a quiet place to relax when in the stress of deadline.

FPT University Library has over 25,000 books, 80,000 online papers and thousands of graduation projects for students to access. Books are very diversified including textbooks, science, computer science, psychology, life skills etc. In order to adapt the needs of the book lovers, every month the library updates an average of 10 new titles as requested from the Training Department and readers’ suggestions. Especially, the newly released publications are often updated immediately to serve the staff and students at the university.

Inside the library, tables and chairs for readers are arranged clearly and comfortably while bookshelves are divided logically into categories for convenient search. Every visitor to the library has the right amount of time and space to read or study. The library also has its own regulations such as no play, no food and drink to ensure a suitable environment for studying and research. These things have brought more and more readers to the library, on average, the library receives thousands of visitors every month.

To attract more students to the library, Ms Pham Trong Phuong Tra – the librarian shared: “The library is always trying to create the best service to meet the needs of learning and entertainment of students. That is shown by the extension, borrow and return regulation as well as the update of new and valuable documents”. Ms. Tra also highly assessed the attitude of librarians as an important factors to attract people to come to the library. “At FPT University, we always welcome feedbacks from students to make timely and correct adjustments. Currently the library also organizes many contests to shorten the gap between students and libraries”.

These innovative efforts have been responded positively by students. “More and more students go to the library to make presentations because there is not only a suitable space but also available documentation for reference as needed,”- Ms. Phuong Tra happily said.

Source: FPT Education