FPT University to Organize the First Webinar: How Studying IT Changes Your Life

The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has led to significant impacts on businesses and industries. In terms of education, many institutions have changed the way to communicate with students on digital platforms. Through a webinar hosted by FPT University on 23 April 2020, prospective students will have an opportunity to interact with experts from FPT and gain knowledge of the advantages of learning online with IT. 

It is undeniable that digital platforms have played a pivotal role in every industry under the unprecedented challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Most businesses and industries are adapting to an abrupt shift to distance working and distance learning through the freely available digital tools. 

With countless learning tools accessible at their fingertips, students today have better options to enjoy a more engaging learning experience. On April 23, FPT University will introduce an online learning program in IT and gain knowledge of how studying IT changes the life of prospective students worldwide. 

The upcoming online seminar promises to help international students pursue their dream with flexible study options offered by FPT University in combination of online and offline. Students have a chance to handle their work and their study at the same time in the tech sector, network with leading IT experts around the world and transfer to such a beautiful country in Asia with such affordable fees. 

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It is such a free webinar to help global students safely and successfully transition to a modern distance learning environment. This is certainly a great opportunity for international students to approach a new learning method and gain an IT online degree in a more convenient way. 

For more information on the upcoming event, contact us via email: international.admission@fpt.edu.vn or our WhatsApp(s):(+84) 354 235 298 / (+84) 393 815 182.