FPT University to bring dynamic environment at Intercultural Festival 2019

On the afternoon of August 30, FPT University Global recently organized Intercultural Festival 2019 with the participation of nearly 300 students from 10 countries such as Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Brunei, Taiwan, Thailand, France, etc. in Danang.

By participating in the festival, students immersed in cultural exchanges, learned about the customs and lifestyle of each country, thereby connecting the development of international student community.

The primary mission of the Intercultural Festival is to celebrate all cultures’ uniqueness and value to promote greater personal understanding across ethnic and racial lines. This student-initiated, planned, and organized festival incorporates leadership training for FPT students and fosters an outlet for cultural awareness through many avenues. 

Through the festival, the organizer also wishes to contribute on promoting Danang to be the center of exchange education in the country and the place for international students to study in Vietnam.

Previously, the International Cultural Festival 2018 attracted the participation of more than 300 international students. The event was opened to all students to come to experience the culture and international communication.

With 1,000 international students from 20 different countries coming to study every year, FPT University is offering a dynamic learning environment. Representatives from FPT University Global shared that due to the increasing demand for quality of the program and the increasing need for more international students to come to Vietnam, the Center must diversify its services, specializing in the process of organizing – implementing – coordinating the program. In addition, the Center is constantly developing its network of business partners to accept international students to do an internship.

Some photos at the event:

Having been experiencing 13 years of establishment, FPT University is proud to be the leading IT university in Vietnam with its global reputation for excellence in technology and 5-star student services. The university will be the best choice for international students who want to choose high-quality education in one of the most dynamic countries in Asia. 

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