FPT University students won the prize in HCMC Young Informatics Contest

On the morning of May 27th, two teams from FPT University in Ho Chi Minh City competed with 37 software project teams in the final round of the 26th Young Informatics Contest.


ThinkCode and SEE4U are two applications that students of FPT University brought to the final of the competition of HCMC Young Informatics Contest in 2017.


There were more than 10,500 participants in the online preliminary rounds and 548 went through the preliminary round on the district level. They competed in two areas: Knowledge of Computer Skills and Software Development. Of those, 37 software ideas were presented directly to the jury.


Le Ta Dang Khoa – the senior of Software Engineering at FPT University, HCM City, is the author of the ThinkCode application. ThinkCode is a programming website for beginners. The IDE programming environment, Pair-Programing, conversation system (not simultaneous)… will increase interactivity and help learners explore the suitability of the selected industry. ThinkCode achieved the third prize thanks to high applicability.


FPT University students presenting the ThinkCode application to the jury.
FPT University students presenting the ThinkCode application to the jury.


Another application of FPT University students received much attention at the contest was Automatic Alternative Image Recognition to Voice (SEE4U) – The blinds-supporting communication system. The group of students: Nguyen Vu Hoang Son, Phan Trung Thanh, Vo Ha Quan wish to associate the development of technology with community benefits.


Sharing the application, Phan Trung Thanh said: “The interesting feature of the blinds-supporting communication system is its high applicability and, to do so, one must understand AI technology. ” To Thanh and his teammates, this challenge is also an opportunity. As technology evolves, the microprocessor of the computer is increasingly processing data. As a result, today’s image recognition technology is highly accurate. Using image recognition technology to help blind people have been tested in several countries around the world. Features such as human and objects identification still can not fully support the blinds.


Le Quoc Cuong – Deputy Director of the Information and Communication Department, as well as a jury member, highly appreciated the investment and the orientation of those students towards the community . However, Mr. Cuong commented that more attention should be paid to the needs of visually impaired people. For example, integrating the app on another device instead of the smartphone because it is hard for the users to use the camera.


Application SEE4U received the attention of the jury.
Application SEE4U received the attention of the jury.


Before the closing and awards ceremony on May 28th, project team SEE4U shared: “This is a great joy irrespective of the results. We not only presented the product into which we poured our hearts, but also had a chance of exchanging with and learning from those who share the passion of computing.”


Ho Chi Minh City’s Young Informatics Contest is organized by HCMC Youth Union in collaboration with the Department of Information and Communication, Department of Science and Technology, Department of Education and Training, HCMC Television and HCMC Computer Association. With the aim of promoting the movement of learning, creativity and application of information technology among the youth living in urban areas. Simultaneously, the competition also discover, gather and promote young talents in the field of information technology, contributing to developing the IT human resources, and accelerating the industrialization and modernization of the country.


According to the statistics of the major job sites such as Jobstreet, Vietnamwork … personnel information technology is very “valuable”. Considering high wages and great market demand, many young people are looking for the future and pursuing this major.


Credit: Hoang Hieu (daihoc.fpt.edu.vn)