FPT University students won in the national information security competition

Overcoming 300 teams, two teams from FPT University was listed in the Top 10 teams who entered the final of the national information security contest – ISITDTU CTF 2018. Among them, Z3r0_n1ght Team won the second prize while GrabUber Team ranked 4th in the CTF tournament.

Teams joined competition for consecutive 10 hours.

After the competition, 10 excellent teams were present at Duy Tan University to compete in the final. In the finals, the teams competed in the following form including direct attack and defense for 10 consecutive hours. The Jeopardy Challenge consists of PWN, REVERSE, CRYPTO, WEB, MISC, etc, which focused on attacking and defending computer networks. .

Having participated in a lot of prestigious tournaments such as Hackaday (PwC), SecAthon (VNPT), ISITDTU, the members from FPT University were not too worried in this 10-hour contest. “With the previous competition experience, we understand other members well,” said Leader of GrabUber.

After many hours of intense competition, z3r0_n1ght of FPT University won the second prize. The first prize belongs to the OpenToAll team of Hanoi National University. Lotas team from the Academy of cryptography techniques in Ho Chi Minh City was awarded third prize while GrabUber ranked in 4th place.

z3r0_n1ght won the second place.

“This contest is highly invested in professional and organisational level. We’re very excited that the competition was held in Danang so we came there a day before the competition to relax,” Anh Viet shared after the competition.

Source: FPT University