FPT University Student shares his internship experience in Brunei

Two months of doing internship at University of Brunei Darussalam – UBD, Vo Huy Thong, a student of FPT University, felt the spirit, culture and people in the Muslim Kingdom.

Vo Huy Thong and 4 students of FPT University are now doing their internship at University of Brunei Darussalam, and two of them do their internship as mentors. Thong has interned for two months with interesting experiences.

This is the first time Thong has had a chance to go abroad, so he had to adapt to the environment of the Muslim Kingdom. Therefore, he did not have too much anxiety. On the contrary, it was a great inspiration for the challenges ahead.

When Thong arrived in Brunei, the first thing he needed to do was to feel and look at nature, enjoy the fresh air, friendliness of people around. “I have companions who are kind, happy and talk about people, life and places in Brunei,” Thong shared.

Vo Huy Thong (sitting, first from the right).
Vo Huy Thong (sitting, first from the right).

At the first time, Thong had a little bit difficulty in communicating with foreigners due to unclear pronunciation and lack of vocabulary as well as grammar. Instead of losing temper, he chose to explore their surroundings by getting up early each morning to walk to the workplace.

“Studying and working in Brunei is not too hard to get off the dark side, but sometimes I have to go back to my apartment to complete my tasks. In the evening, if having available food, my companions and I will cook together and chat. In addition to the work, there are also some activities to enhance the interaction between FPT and Brunei students such as sports, games, movies, sightseeing and so on”, he said.

When being asked about the internship environment, Thong said that in addition to doing his job related to the field, cultivating skills in the international environment was very necessary for each individual. “There is a concept that most people perhaps know is the flat world.” In a nutshell, it is understandable that every individual should develop oneself toward the globe, not just on our country. One of the characteristics of “software engineering” program is the technical factor and employers often appreciate new graduates based on that factor”, Thong expressed.

The most achievable thing in Thong’s internship journey is to improve his foreign language skills. The student could talk freely with any foreign friends without fear of language barrier.

There are still 2 months of practical training at the enterprise; Thong said that he would try to complete very well to prepare for the future difficulties and challenges. “I hope not only me but everyone who is and will be FPT students has the opportunity to go abroad for doing internship so that they can integrate and develop themselves in the international environment,” Thong concluded.

OJT (On the Job Training) – working in the company is one of the “specialties” that FPT students have during their studies. The Internship Program in Brunei is organized by FPT Edu in cooperation with UBD Innovation Lab. The program is designed to provide students with the opportunity to work on programming, software development, IoT, Big Data, and so on. In addition, FPT University also has a program of studying English at University of Brunei Darussalam (UBD) and the Malaysian KDU University in the fall semester of 2017. “English Summit 2 abroad” is available for students at all FPT University campuses. The program includes more than 100 hours of classroom instruction, taught by teachers who have years of experience in international English teaching.

FPT Edu and Brunei National University have formally co-operated since July 2013. Hundreds of Bruneian students have come to Vietnam to take short-term study and internship programs, making Brunei one of the largest student communities at FPT. The cooperation between the two schools was also recognized in Vietnam – Brunei Joint Statement on the occasion of the State Visit of President Tran Dai Quang to Brunei in August 2016. President of Vietnam – Trang Dai Quang and the King of Brunei – Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu’izzaddin Waddaulah highly appreciated the cooperation between education and training of the two countries, especially the cooperation between FPT Edu and University of Brunei Darussalam (UBD).

Source: Chungta.vn