FPT University students seize opportunities at FPT Telecom

The workshop “Cafe with Ftel: Start of Opportunity” was recently organized by FPT Telecom and FPT University in Hoa Lac Campus on October 4. The workshop aims to support career orientation, counsel students in the development of themselves and professional skills as well as open up employment opportunities for active students.

Mr. Tran Thanh Hai, FTel Technology Director, shared with students about the company’s history as well as its vision, mission and targets in the 4th Industrial Revolution through automation and data exchange in manufacturing technology.

The workshop took place in a warm mid-autumn atmosphere in Hoa Lac campus.
The workshop took place in a warm mid-autumn atmosphere in Hoa Lac campus.

Continuing the conversation with humor and friendliness, Mr. Nguyen Anh Duc, Director of Security Center taught students about FTel’s Cyber Security as Services during the 4.0 Revolution. He also gave students priceless advices to success on the career path: “It is important to have and develop a spirit of learning and hard work,” Mr. Duc advised students.

Noteworthy information on the workshop not only attracted students in Engineering but also in other majors. Mr. Nguyen Thai Binh – Head of Human Resources at FTel answered enthusiastically the questions of the students and shared interesting information about career orientation and promotion path at FTel.

The students questioned about FTel's employment opportunities.
The students questioned about FTel’s employment opportunities.

“Through the workshop, I found out that FTel would an open and friendly working environment which is ideal for young people to engage and learn,” said Nguyen Bao Linh – K9 students. “In addition to job opportunity, I have accumulated more experience on life and career path”.

The workshop closed with the excited faces of students when they had chances to learn a lot of useful things from these “teachers”. “I want to send a special thank to FTel and FPT University for giving us this precious opportunity.” – Dang Nguyen Phuong Trang K10 student excitedly said.

Source: FPT Education