FPTU students prepare for the internship

How to create an excellent resume and have an effective interview is the desire of most candidates before recruitment and internship. However, not everyone, especially students can have enough skills and knowledge to do it well. In response to this demand, the Student Affairs Department, FPT University regularly held coaching sessions before On the Job Training.

During March 19 to March 22, more than 60 students received the support of staff, lecturers and experts in how to have an impressive performance and an effective interview during On the Job Training.

Many questions were asked during the past 4 days and answered carefully by invited guests.

The coaching has witnessed the participation of Mr. Pham Ngoc Tien – Vice Chairman of FPT Software; Ms. Vu Minh Trang – Head of Business Management at FPT University, Ms. Pham Tuyet Hanh Ha – Head of the Student Affairs Department.

Ms. Vu Minh Trang commented to students about how to present the CV.

Ms. Vu Minh Trang gave the students the tips from the costume dress, interview style, how to do an impressive CV. Ms. Hanh Ha also suggested the question for students to impress employers.

“I have learned a lot on how to present the CV more appropriately and impressively. In addition, the enthusiast sharing of Ms. Hanh Ha helped me to be more confident in the future interviews,” said Tran Thuy Tien majoring in Japanese Language.

Coaching is one of the regular activities organized by FPT University’s Student Affairs Department before each OJT in order to create a place for students to express their self-confidence, learn to gain points with the company and orient their future career path.

Source: FPT Education