FPT University students meet American psychologist

“Figure You Out” course with psychology specialist- Dr. Maggie Gilewizc is held for students who wants to understand more about themselves in order to prepare for their future and career path. The course is organized by International Cooperation and Personal Development Program office in late October 2017. 


The course is a good opportunity for students to answer a lot of questions such as “What does success means to you?”, “Why understanding your own personal values is important?”, “Why recognizing and understanding prejudices is significant?”, “How important is your intelligence in life and work?”, “Why is it important to define the difference between job or occupation and mission?”, etc. “Figure You Out” was held in 3 days from October 28, 2017 to October 30, 2017 at Room 406 of the Beta Building at Hoa Lac Campus- FPT University with the participation of Dr. Maggie Gilewizc- an American psychologist.

Young people, especially students, need to know how to orient themselves in life, work, and changing circumstances every day. They need to be self-sufficient, creative, flexible and well-equipped to cope with the ‘uncertainty’ and the challenge ahead.

With his expertise, experience and dedication, Dr. Maggie Gilewizc will give students time and space to think about the issues related to life choices – in both personal life and career path; provide opportunities to discover many ideas and tools to orient life and changing circumstances.

Please click here for registration. Each student needs to pay a deposit of VND 200,000 which will be refunded upon completion of the course for full participation.

Dr. Maggie Gilewizc is an American psychologist, trainer, sociologist and political scientist. She will come to Vietnam and teach at FPT University for 3 days with the “Figure You Out” course on self-awareness for students.

Source: FPT Education