FPT University students get job offer in Japan with starting salary of over USD 1600

With the confidence and fluent ability in Japan, four students from FPT University including Huynh Phuong Ha, Dinh Lan Huong, Dang Cong Hiep and Luong Truong Giang have been recruited by Pise Corporation – a software company in Japan. This is the third time the company has returned to FPT University to recruit staff.

Four students, FPT University lectures and representatives of Pise Corporation took picture at Hoa Lac Campus of FPT University.

Those students had to pass two rounds at FPT University to be recruited. In the first round, students had to prove their skills in IT and programing languages. In addition, each student must prepare product or web application to demo the requirement of the employers.

In the second round, students joined interview with Japanese recruiters through Skype. Especially, students must use Japanese in two rounds.

Students will have to pass intensive interviews of Japanese enterprises.

After two rounds of interview in Japanese, 4 excellent students passed over 20 competitors to sign a formal contract with Pise and go to Japan to work anytime although they have not graduated yet.

In addition to the starting salary of over USD 1600, FPT University students will be support 100% travel fee and living expenses in the first half year and in the next 6 months, they will be supported 50%.

“I know Pisa through the the network of FPT University with foreign companies,” Huynh Ha- a FPT University student majoring in Japan Bridge Engineering shared. “From early April, I learned about the company and actively cultivated knowledge to prepare well for this opportunity”.

After working so hard for long time, Huynh Ha has achieved his goal to work in the land of rising sun.

It is known that this December, four students will officially come to Japan to start their career in Sapporo – capital of Hokkaido island in Japan upon graduation. Hope they will have enjoyable experiences and success in the future!

Established in September 2006, FPT University was the first private school established by the enterprise. According to the statistics, 98% of students have jobs after 3 months of graduation and their salary is 27% higher than the normal level. Among them, 31% have worked for FPT Corporation while 4.5% started up their businesses and 19% worked in foreign countries or foreign companies.

With the philosophy of being a new university generation with a modern education, FPT University aims to bring realistic training and education for students in order to help Vietnam keep pace with the world. The notable value of FPT University is the close cooperation with business that can combine training with reality and the most modern technologies.

Source: FPT Education