FPT University showcases the “Dream of Innovation” at BMI Workshop Asia 2018

FPT University will showcase its pioneering “Dream of Innovation” philosophy at BMI Workshop Asia 2018 from March 13th to March 14th in Pullman Hotel in Hanoi.

Meet our experts at BMI Workshop Asia 2018!
 Over the course of the two- day event, agents and partners will learn about FPT Education and its outstanding programs. Since establishment in 2006, FPT University has been fulfilling its purpose of providing the market with highly-skilled, well-trained IT human resources. As the first corporate university in Vietnam, FPT University is the pioneer institution in the country in combining academic training with on-job training by offering students with opportunities to get hands-on experience and work at FPT’s members and its partner.

BMI Workshop Asia 2018 is a series of one-to-one meetings with carefully pre-screened education agents and networking functions. The networking functions allow you to meet even more agents in a relaxed atmosphere so you can maximise the number of agents you meet during the workshop.

The Workshop is particularly relevant for institutions that want to build relationships with high-quality agents from Vietnam but also Thailand, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Cambodia, Laos, South Korea, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia.

For agents and partners who want to meet our expert at BMI Workshop Asia 2018, please reserve your booking by email to huonghtt6@fe.edu.vn (Ms. Huong Hoang)!