‘FPT University to provide competitive human resource’

Mr. Nguyen Dang Nghia- FPT University’s admission officer, shared that the university aims to train a generation of students who are capable to work not only in the country and but also abroad.

In the afternoon of January 24, the career orientation workshop was held by the Ho Chi Minh City Education Newspaper in Quang Nam. FPT University was represented by Mr. Nguyen Dang Nghia- the University’s Admissions Officer.

Representatives of FPT University shared in the workshop.

Answering the questions related to employment opportunities, representatives of FPT University highlighted the importance of understanding employees and their needs. “At FPT University, we focus on three factors including working attitude and passion; skills to complete assigned tasks; English; life skills and performance results,” Mr. Nghia highlighted. “Therefore, we focuses on training English with the international curriculum. In some other courses, students also learn Japanese and Chinese. In the first year, students learn English and martial arts. In the remaining three years, students will study specialized subjects and do internship”.

“FPT University aims to help graduates to be able to adapt to their jobs. More importantly, students are fully capable to compete in domestic and foreign businesses,” he highlighted. “To choose the right job, you need to find out what type of jobs you are passionate. If you feel good and happy with this career, you should start to learn about it from now”.

With the purpose of incessant improvement of the quality of education not only in Vietnam but also in foreign countries all over the world, FPT University Vietnam offers Scholarship Program in the academic year 2017 – 2018 for potential international students.

FPT University always pays attention to providing students with a global citizen’s skills from communication, foreign language, foreign exchange semesters, and internship opportunities to career opportunities around the world. Currently, 98% graduates find the jobs within 3 months after graduation; 19% of FPT University graduates have worked in countries such as USA, UK, Germany, Australia, Japan and Singapore. Salary level is higher than the average market about 27%.

Source: Chungta.vn