FPT University – the place where modern meets tradition

At FPT University, students are expected to come to the world with the highest level of integration but still keep their unique identity. Therefore, since 2014, each FPT student has learnt to play a traditional Vietnamese instrument.

Currently FPT students are selected to study one of the six musical instruments such as bamboo flute, Vietnamese 4 chord lute, Vietnamese 16-chord zither, Vietnamese two-chord fiddle, Vietnamese two-chord guitar and Vietnamese monochord.

With a duration of about 30 classes with an hour and a half per class, students are instructed to play some basic traditional music. After a week, students can play simple songs. After three months of intensive study, students can play more complex songs.

FPT University students learn hard to play traditional music instrument.

FPT University is the pioneers to bring Vietnamese culture and inspire students through Vietnamese folk treasure. “We are talking much about globalisation. Young people in general and students of FPT University in particular are learning the latest knowledge in Enterprise Management, Marketing, Cloud, Big Data, etc. They will come to the big playground and communicate with customers by English, Japanese, etc.,” said Dr. Nguyen Khac Thanh- Rector of FPT University. “At FPT University, we expect students to come to the world with the highest level of integration but still keep their unique identity”.

FPT University students play traditional music instrument for their friends and lecturers.

After four years teaching this subject, the university has received many achievements. Many students of FPT University are particularly attracted by the tone and gentle of the ethnic musical instruments.

A lot of IT and economics students found their passion with traditional music instruments and are able to play. Some students can sing and have the talent to perform on the stage.

With the love for traditional musical instruments, many students have set up clubs to share and spread the passion to many young people. Up to now, the students in the club have done many unique music products, showing their talent and passion for folk songs.

Lessons in traditional music help students understand about one of the art forms of Vietnamese culture. This is also a great opportunity for young people living to learn precious knowledge about the history and ethnic characteristics of traditional folk songs.

In addition, it can help each student to learn the true value of music, thereby expanding the love of traditional music broadly.