FPT University to open Korean language training

In order to meet the HR demand for the future market and create opportunities for students to learn new languages, FPT University plans to add Korean language to the curriculum in the school year 2019-2020.

The decision on allowing FPT University to add the Korean language education sector has been approved by the Ministry of Education and Training in Hanoi since October 11. Accordingly, in order to facilitate the enrollment and to ensure the quality of teaching, the Korean language industry will begin its first course from 2019 to 2020.

“Understanding the new trend and the demand from students, the university has developed a new training plan,” said Dr. Le Truong Tung – Chairman of FPT Education. “With the Korean language training, we expect to solve the shortage of Korean human resources in the near future”.

The decision was approved by Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training on October 11.

In addition, the university also hopes provide students, who are in love with Korean language and culture, a high quality education in the FPT environment. After introducing the new discipline, students who are studying at the university can choose to learn new subjects (if they are qualified) or transfer their studies if they are passionate.

Currently, the university has built high-quality teaching staff for this new discipline both in the country and partners from South Korea.

Regarding to the training program, Korean language will be a combination of five knowledge blocks including professional knowledge, social knowledge, soft skills, foreign language and industry orientation to help graduates have enough knowledge, technical skills, foreign language skills and soft skills to do business with foreign partners. Moreover, the training program not only focuses on knowledge and professional competence but also trains students to be able to apply IT in their work.

The training period will last for 4 years, including 9 semesters. Upon graduation, students can use Korean fluently to work at domestic and foreign enterprises in various fields related to foreign affairs, cooperation and tourism with different positions such as Secretary, Assistant Manager or Foreign Assistant.

Source: FPT Education