FPT University held workshops in Bangladesh

FPT University Global Office (FGO) recently organized series of educational seminars in Bangladesh, marking the university’s effort to bring high quality education to other countries in region.

Workshop with Amazon on September 25th.
Workshop with Amazon on September 25.

During 4 days in Bangladesh, FGO in coordination with its local authorized agencies including Luminous, Amazon Immigration Services, Faith Global Network, GLEE Education and AXIOM Education held 6 workshops with around 15 people per workshop. Each workshop is an open discussion on exploring a new learning environment in Vietnam in general and at FPT University in specific as well as career opportunities on the scene of globalization and Industry 4.0 Revolution. It is the first time FPT University held education seminars here, showing the concern of FPT toward one of the most densely populated countries in the world. Therefore, it is considered as a starting point for FPT University to bring Vietnamese image to Bangladesh people as well as improve local education to adapt with the requirement of global workforce.

Workshop with Luminous on September 22nd.
Workshop with Luminous on September 23.

During these seminars, students had a great opportunity to figure out about Vietnam- its hidden beauty, the dynamic education system as well as FPT University- a leading university on IT Education & Training in Vietnam that educates internationally qualified human resources. In the second part of the seminar, representative of the university provided information of several interesting scholarships that FPT University is currently offering for international students. Students also had time to discuss and share their ideas with guest speaker and representative of FPT University.

“The seminar is really useful for me as I have learnt a lot about FPT University and its parent corporation. It is really a big corporation,” said  MD. Nahid Hasan Rhin. “For me, Vietnam is a dream country with beautiful nature. If possible, I really want to go to Vietnam with my wife to study at FPT University and work there”.

Workshop with GLEE Education on September 23.
A direct discussion with a young student at the workshop with GLEE Education on September 23.

Bangladesh, to the east of India on the Bay of Bengal, is a South Asian country marked by lush greenery and many waterways. According to World Bank, Bangladesh is among the top 12 developing countries with a population of over 20 million, who achieved 6 plus percent growth in 2016. By any standards, Bangladesh economy has done well. Unfortunately, the high unemployment rate in Bangladesh remained unchanged at 4.10 percent in 2016 and 2015 has raised a lot of concern. At the seminars, many young people shared with FGO that today Bangladesh students strive to go abroad to study and work to avoid the unemployment situation in their home country. There are many reasons for that but local students believe that the main cause for high unemployment rate is due to lack of skills and knowledge.

Workshop with Faith Global Network on September 24.
Workshop with Faith Global Network on September 24.

“FPT University is the first and only university in Vietnam that allow its students to join real internship and projects,” said Ms. Huong Hoang- President at FPT University Global Office. The representative of FPT University guarantees that with the new education model, the students are able to start working and earning money in numerous projects of the FPT Corporation and its partners after 16 months studying at the University. “Graduates from FPT University have a competitive salary and bright career path,” Ms. Huong highlighted.

“FPT University is a leading university on IT training and education in Vietnam. Today, I got a lot of interesting information about FPT. Last year, I visited to Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam. I was really interested in that trip and Vietnamese women are beautiful. I also think about Vietnam and living in Vietnam,” MD. Farhad Chowdhury shared.

Workshop with AXIOM Education on September 26.
Workshop with AXIOM Education on September 26.

After the workshops, FGO also visited several projects of FPT in Bangladesh which is considered as an important and potential market of FPT Information System Company (FPT IS), a subsidiary of FPT Corporation. After only 3 years of operating in Bangladesh market, FPT IS had previously signed four major contracts with the total value of about 60 million USD. FPT IS is currently the largest IT company in Bangladesh with nearly 100 employees. In 2017, FPT IS plans to establish its representative office in Bangladesh that will require hundreds IT human resource in Bangladesh in the near future.

After the workshops, FGO also visited several projects of FPT in Bangladesh
After the workshops, FGO also visited several projects of FPT in Bangladesh.

Established in September 2006, FPT University was the first private school established by the enterprise. According to the statistics, 98% of students have jobs after 3 months of graduation and their salary is 27% higher than the normal level. Among them, 31% have worked for FPT Corporation while 4.5% started up their businesses and 19% worked in foreign countries or foreign companies.

FGO had a warm visit to Gas Transmission Company Ltd.
FGO had a warm visit to Gas Transmission Company Ltd.

With the philosophy of being a new university generation with a modern education, FPT University aims to bring realistic training and education for students in order to help Vietnam keep pace with the world. The notable value of FPT University is the close cooperation with business that can combine training with reality and the most modern technologies.