FPT University has given me many opportunities

The share of an alumni of FPT University- Ms. Nguyen Thi Khanh Huyen is extracted from the Alumnibook 2017.

Choosing FPT as a destiny!

In February 2012, when I was wondering to choose a suitable university among public schools, I accidentally heard about FPT University scholarship. I registered and received a scholarship named Nguyen Van Dao from the University. At that moment, I also had two other options but finally, I decided to choose FPT University.

FPTU- a strange university

With a new student like me, FPT was so strange and everything was new at the first time. I learnt to get well with new friends, comfortable facilities and modern learning environment. I also joined soft skills classes or extracurricular activities, events, clubs, etc. Soon after, I began to familiarize and adapt. And it’s great that I’ve adapted quickly with this place. Everything is an priceless opportunity for me to learn and cultivate knowledge and social experiences. I am more mature and fully- developed both in personality and mindset.

Alumni Nguyen Thi Khanh Huyen.

FPTU where I have many friends.

At FPT University, I met a lot of new people, all of them were very open and friendly. My classmates, roommates and friends from clubs, etc. are very wonderful. The people I’ve met are very excellent with modern thinking. In addition, I have learnt not only from lecturers but also from friends and staff. These are the priceless value I’ve earned at FPT University.

Khanh Huyen is currently working at FPT Software.

FPTU gives me a lot of opportunities!

At FPT University, there are many programs for personal development. I have learned soft skills, communication, arts, and music. I am participating in many activities such as Fcamp, City tour, City Outreach, Closing Ceremony, Festival, etc.

I’m proud to win the Vovinam Gold Medal and be able to play some traditional music instrument as well as learn many skills when joining university’s activities.

Moreover, FPT University also gave me the opportunity to come to Japan to study for a year as a part of student exchange. Not only that, FPT University also gave me wings to have an interesting job. Thanks FPT University for all the opportunities that you have brought!

FPT University – See you soon!

Source: FPT Education