More study abroad programs in USA for FPT University students

Cooperation between FPT University and Boston University (USA) with many attractive programs for students of two university will be promoted soon.

In the context of globalization when creating opportunities for students to exchange and study abroad has become an indispensable trend, FPT University also aims to provide each FPTU student with at least one semester to study abroad. With the advantage of being the world’s leading country and the academic city, Boston University is a good choice for FPTU students. Meanwhile, FPT University has been emerging as a destination for international student to study and do exchange programs.

Delegates are delighted to visit FPT University.

During the visit, both universities expressed their desire to cooperate in education as well as provide exchanges opportunities for students to understand FPT University and Boston University.

As a member of the Association American of Universities and Colleges, Boston is recognized as a leading research institution and listed in the top 20 in Massachusetts together with Harvard and MIT. Boston is also one of the largest universities in the United States with about 8,000 international students.

With the ‘Go Global’ strategy, FPT University has implemented cooperation programs with more than 60 schools in 27 countries around the world. It also becomes a destination for many international students from France, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, Korea, Brunei, Nigeria, etc., to exchange cultural and academic backgrounds as well as bridge for volunteer activities and internship.

Source: FPT Education&