FPT University – An unexpected opportunity

“I do believe that FPT University could give me a good opportunity to have a great job after graduation. That was the only goal hitting my mind choosing FPT University.” – Phyo Mie Mie Aung, first-year software engineering student, FPT University Da Nang.

Phyo Mie Mie Aung, first-year student, FPT University Da Nang

Unexpected opportunity

After I graduated from public high school, my parent wanted me to study in a public university in Myanmar. However, I thought that the choice was not right for me. Hence, I searched for a private university and I also studied IELTS. One day, I went with my father to meet a teacher, who is from an education agent. We were supposed to talk about my younger sister’s oversea study. Suddenly, she asked me: “What are you doing?”. I told her that I was searching a university to study. Then, she introduced me FPT University and encouraged me to study abroad. My father and I were so interested in that information but I was more. A few months later, I joined the summer camp of FPT with my teacher and some friends. I had a  chance to experience FPT student’s life, the university’s facilities, as well as knowing more about FPT’s educational standards. I did believe that FPT University could give me a good opportunity to have a great job after graduation. That was the only goal hitting my mind choosing FPT University. On January 4th, I came to Da Nang city, Vietnam to start my journey with FPT University.

My first day in Da Nang Campus

A warmly welcome

When I arrived Da Nang International airport, I felt very joyful. Two FPT staffs picked me up at the airport. They were very friendly and caring. At present, one of the staff is my close sister. The feeling was different from the previous trip, when I came here with an exciting mood for the summer camp. This time, I felt a bit pressured as I saw a lot of challenges in my study in Vietnam.

FPT University welcomed me very warmly. I received great supports from FPT’s staffs. I stay at FPT Nano Smart Building with other international friends and we’re very happy with good facilities and green space surrounded. I love the view from my window. It’s very peaceful and quiet, with the Marble Mountain as the background. I also make friends with some Vietnamese and international students, who are so friendly and helpful. At the beginning, everything was so far so good!

My lovely study corner

Da Nang city – love at first sight

For me, Da Nang is a wonderful city for studying and experiencing new things. I see a lot of foreigners here and the local people are so kind and friendly with international students like me. In my very first days in Da Nang, I had a chance to take a city tour operated by FPT University. I visited many famous places like My Khe Beach, Hoi An ancient town, Marble Mountain, Linh Ung Pagoda…. Among them, Hoi An ancient town is the most attractive destination. It was a great choice to visit Hoi An, enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, visit the old temple, night market and get to know more about Vietnamese culture. There are many interesting things in a small town. That’s why I like Hoi An. I’m planning to travel more to explore other beautiful cities in Vietnam when I have free time.

I can see that Da Nang is expanding its international students. One of the reasons for that, in my point of view, is because here we can enjoy the international education standards like in other developed countries such as Australia, UK… with the reasonable costs. Moreover, Da Nang is a tourism city, so most of the students and local people can communicate fluently in English. It makes everything so easy for international students to live and study well.

The environment in Da Nang is very clean. I don’t see trash on the streets and roads. We call Da Nang a “No trash city”. Da Nang is one of the most peaceful cities in Asia. That’s why I love to stay in this city.

My joyful moments in Da Nang city

I know that I did choose the right destination for myself. It’s the choice that I will never regret.

My international friends in FPT University Da Nang