FPT University among TOP 10 educational projects in 2017

FPT University- Hoa Lac Campus has reached TOP 10 educational projects featured on designboom – the first and most popular digital magazine for architecture & design culture over the past 12 months.

An overview of FPT

According to designboom, FPT University- Hoa Lac Campus in Hanoi designed by VTN architects is the first stage of a larger masterplan to establish the vietnamese university as a leading environmentally conscious institution. Serving as the gateway to the school’s campus, the structure comprises simple modules, and features a bold checkerboard pattern where recessed voids contain natural vegetation. Here, trees operate as a green skin to reduce direct heat transfer through the building’s windows.

The clean and spacious facilities of FPT University made many people overwhelmed at first sight.

VTN architects employed passive design strategies to reduce the building’s dependence on power by reducing the need for artificial illumination, shallowing floor plates and ensuring generous amounts of natural light. The linear structure is oriented to accommodate prevailing breezes and utilizes cross ventilation for cooling. The trees and the adjacent lake help to reduce the air temperature further.

Modern dormitory

Since FPT university offers information technology (IT)-related courses, the campus has been designed to encourage a healthy balance between physical and virtual environments.

Source: FPT Education & designboom

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