FPT trained talents for Industry 4.0 Revolution

A Ph.D. student could earn a monthly salary of 15 million VND and work on solving difficult problems related to technology.

Under the Ph.D course at FPT, doctoral students will have the chance to study with practical experience in stead of solely learning theory and researching. The salary is kept unchanged for the first year and might be raised in the next two years. Other benefits will also be offered such as supporting to join prestigious international conferences and providing advanced technology equipment for research.

Le Hong Viet, CTO of FPT Corporation, has shared with local media (Vnexpress) about the advantages of the Industry 4.0 technology and the scholarship program for Ph. D students at FPT University.

Le Hong Viet

Q: According to a VINASA’s survey, 35.2% of enterprises and businesses in Vietnam are ready for the Industry 4.0 Revolution. How FPT is preparing for that, sir?

A: FPT prepared for the fourth industrial revolution pretty soon. About two or three years ago, we have talked a lot about this topic and made serious investments in research and development. In particular, we are focusing most on IoT and AI with the aspiration to utilize the mathematical advantage and human resources from research institutes in Vietnam to create competitive edge.

We have also built professionals through internal training systems and certifications to encourage individuals pursuing careers in new trends. FPT also has AI backgrounds, as well as strong connection between businesses, development centers, research facilities and schools because we understand that no one can “play” on their own.

The Corporations has initially established close partnership and customers using our technology such as automatic call center and customer support services. FPT units such as FPT Telecom, FPT Software and FPT Retail are currently integrating internally artificial intelligence to their business processes.

Q: What do you prepare to adapt the 4.0 industrial revolution?

A: Certainly, we proactively apply and improve new technology before falling into a passive position. For example, in  the same automation technology of manufacturing industry, we have to find advantages such as what value added in production in Vietnam compared to other countries. Thus, the leaders must have a vision while staff also needs to be aware of the impact of the 4.0 revolution on all aspects of social life.

Human resource are always the most important factor because people will create AI systems, IoT, big data,etc. Therefore, it is necessary to invest strongly in education, research and development. Education is divided into many different categories such as basic education, vocational training, etc. Vietnam should have playgrounds for researchers not to focus only in theory but to apply the theory into reality.

Q: How does the university need to align with the business to address the problem of high-quality IT human resources?

A: In fact, many universities in Vietnam have applied international standards in training and teaching. However, regarding to postgraduate training, there is hardly a full time PhD degree in Vietnam, so it’s not deep enough.

Secondly, PhD students mainly deal with mathematical problems, which focus majorly on theory so it is hard to apply to practice. Instead, the research results should reflect and be brought to life in order to directly tackle the business issues. In order to achieve this, schools and businesses must cooperate closely in high quality training such as cooperating in the research and development of new technologies in preparation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

In addition to advanced training, schools also need to connect with IT businesses; help students access new and advanced technology, meet industry researchers; and bring ideas to the enterprise. Most of the high tech products and services nowadays have the participation of young people. However, when graduating, knowledge of students is still basic and need advanced training.

Q: What is your opinion about FPT’s investment in Ph.D. scholarships?

A: FPT is offering at least two full scholarships worth 700 million VND each for PhD students who do two of three topics in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Through the program, we look forward to building a solid technology platform not only to serve the development of FPT but also to leverage the resources and wisdom of universities and research institutes.

Q: Why did FPT choose three topics in artificial intelligence?

A: At present, the nucleus of the industrial revolution 4.0 is artificial intelligence and FPT is eager to be leading so we hope the strong investment will lead our research go further in the future.

Three topics clearly reflect FPT’s future focus on technology. They are new and difficult but students will be instructed by reputable and leading lecturers in institutes and universities throughout the country. We are also working to cooperate with international schools so that international professors will also co-instruct for  students.

Q: Can you share with us the plans for cooperation between FPT and other universities in the coming time?

It is still early to talk about details but we have plans to link with universities both in Vietnam and abroad.

Credit: Vnexpress