FPT to launch the Global Pathway Program 2020

FPT is pleased to launch the Global Pathway Program 2020 to help students save costs and improve skills to study abroad when the epidemic is over.

Due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, the education policies of many countries are unstable. Many international schools have not had an official enrollment plan yet so students who want to study abroad must wait or study online. In this context, the FPT Education (FPT Edu) is pleased to announce the “Global Pathway Program 2020” to help students prepare while waiting.

The Global Pathway Program 2020 provides an international environment for students.

The program will equip students with the necessary skills of a global citizen, especially the ability to use intensive English, critical thinking and the ability to live independently.

Participating in the program, students are allowed to study one or two semesters in advance then they can transfer credits to universities in the UK, Australia, USA, and Canada. Students could not only start their study abroad right away without having to wait for the Covid-19 ending but also save money due to the credit transfer.

FPT University Danang campus was chosen to operate the Global Pathway Program 2020.

FPT Education also announced the list of the first 10 university partners for students to transfer credits after completing the Global Pathway Program 2020 in Vietnam. They are Swinburne University of Technology (Australia), Queensland University of Technology (Australia), Deakin University (Australia), University of Greenwich (UK), Aston University (UK- in development), George Mason University (USA), Indiana University of Pennsylvania (USA), Arizona State University (USA), Brock University (Canada), and Algonquin University (Canada). In addition, FPT Edu also commits to accompany students throughout the learning process and credit transfer to other schools according to their wishes.

“The Global Pathway Program 2020 is conducted by FPT Education Global at FPT University Danang campus,” said Dr. Le Truong Tung- Chairman of FPT Education. “AT this campus, there are enough lecture halls, dormitories and many international students of FPT Education. Therefore, the students not only study and accumulate credits but also improve independent living skills and learn culture before becoming an international student”.

Learning space of students who participate in the “Study Abroad Lounge”.

Mr. Matthew Sacco, Director of International Admissions at George Mason University (USA) shared that the cooperation with large and prestigious training units like FPT University is a way to support international students from Vietnam in the Covid-19 pandemic.  “In addition to recognizing the credits that students have studied at FPT, George Mason University will also offer special tuition incentives for students when transferring to the United States,” said Mr. Sacco. 

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