FPT TechDay 2017 – AI is FPT’s Nucleus in Revolution 4.0

FPT Technology Director, Mr. Le Hong Viet said that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has not completely developed for a few days but should be built on a long-term basis. Tech Day 2017 is a chance for the technological community to build AI together.

FPT TechDay took place on June 6th at the Grand Plaza Hotel, Hanoi, with more than 700 participants. This year’s program concentrates on Artificial Intelligence (AI).
According to Mr. Viet, FPT chose this theme for TechDay this year because AI is the nucleus of the platform that the corporation is designing to pass the argument to customers. Focusing on AI is also a long-term investment of FPT in the future with the purpose of ensuring the construction of solid foundation and being capable of satisfying requirements in the upcoming years.
This is the first time that TechDay has the participation of senior leaders and technology experts of three big corporations including the DuPont, Amazon and IBM. At the event, Vice Minister of Ministry of Information and Communication, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hung said that many major technology companies are worldwide consolidating their leading positions by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) application such as Google, Apple, Amazon … in recent years. The Deputy Minister expects that IT engineers in Vietnam will invest in highly competitive applications, creating opportunities for Vietnamese products to reach the globe.
Defined as a branch of computer science, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can think and learn as humans with the ability to process data at the higher scale level, more scientific and faster. According to the Research of Tractica (USA), with superior data analysis capabilities, revenue from AI-based applications will reach $59.7 billion by 2025. Focusing more on this topic, all the sub-themes in the event have referred to AI with many angles from languages, images or knowledge. In this photo, Information Director of DuPont Group, Mr. Phuong Tram was sharing the AI Trend and the story from DuPont.
Chief of Architect in Asean area of Amazon Web Services, Mr. Shaun Ray said that AI has been presented in Amazon since 1995 and has always been considered one of the key drivers for its growth and market leadership. It was demonstrated by products and services like Alexa, AmazonGo, Rekognition, Polly, etc.
Beside the stories regarding the application of AI technology in practice, FPT and some technology companies also offer the latest research and results in the field of AI today. On this occasion, the group launched CyRadar Information Security Corporation and announced FPT.AI, an AI technology platform for programmers to create interactive interfaces through natural languages to the community. Mr. Tran Tuan Anh, Manager of FPT.AI, expects that Vietnam’s Artificial Intelligence products will be widely applied on the globe in the future.
Today, technologies such as IoT, AI, and AR are the main factors that have made the digital shift. A slow step can make a leading company shrink, and conversely provide a great opportunity for small but quick firms to “re-establish the world order.” Therefore, according to CTO FPT, Vietnam needs to prepare resources and reach the foundations of major suppliers in the world such as Google, IBM, and DuPont for developing Artificial Intelligence (AI).
In the afternoon, Tech Day divided into in-depth topics and roundtable discussions based on the topic of the wave of Artificial Intelligence in Vietnam.
Within the framework of the program, FPT awarded FPT Tech Awards and Vietnam AI Hackathon. The group also announced that the Bot of the Year Award worth VND50 million would be awarded to individuals who used Platform FPT.AI to build the most effective Chatbot for Vietnamese users.


FPT TechDay 2017 is the event in FPT’s f.transform technology event series, with its following activities: Finalists of the Vietnam AI Hackathon Contest; The signing ceremony of cooperation in training and developing high quality human resources with Hanoi University of Science.

The f.transform technology event series is an opportunity for the Vietnamese tech community to meet, exchange and learn mutual experiences in developing and applying the latest technologies from major corporations in the world and in Vietnam. Experiencing and developing products directly based on the data and research results opened by FPT.

Credit: Tieu Thanh (Chungta.vn)

Photos taken by Anh Tuan.