FPT Software to revamp online portal for the leading logistics corporation in Europe

FPT Software has been recently chosen to re-build the content management system (CMS) for the France-based leading logistics corporation. The full lifecycle project has just launched at the beginning of February, 2018 and lasts for 12 months.

FPT Software will be responsible for building the CMS with the back end and interface aligned with UX 4.0 standards for various business units in different languages and countries. Mr. Nguyen Viet Duc, CDO of FPT France, did share about this project: “FPT Software’s client sets high expectation and detailed requirements for their portal; therefore, the project team needs to be extremely careful in terms of user interface as well as to assure the highest level of security”.

Prior to this project, FPT Software’s client has never outsourced IT-related task to an offshore company, which was considered a major challenge for FPT Software to compete with other vendors. However, FPT Software has gain credibility after two proof of concepts starting from June, 2017. After two months of consulting the client with tailor solutions, FPT was finally chosen to build the client’s portal. The client expects that with this cooperation, FPT Software will help them to change their brand image through a modern and user-friendly portal.

“This project has contributed greatly to boost the cooperation partnership between the two sides and open up many opportunities for FPT Software in the Logistics industry”, Mr. Ngo Duy Khang, Managing Director of FPT France emphasized. He also shared that Europe is becoming a more potential market for FPT Software since European companies now have increasing demand for outsourcing in order to reduce cost as well as increase business efficiency and FPT Software has already set out a strategic plan to grab these opportunities to expand the company’s business across the continent.

Source: FPT Software