FPT Skillking opens its first course

FPT Skillking, a collaboration between FPT Education and Skillking India, recently opened its first course with 30 students on April 14. It is also known as the first digital marketing school in Vietnam to issue Higher Diploma in Digital Marketing for students upon graduation.

FPT Education has reached an agreement with Skillking India to cooperate in training Digital Marketing in Vietnam. With the education foundation from FPT Education and 25 years experience in Digital Marketing training from foreign partners, FPT Skillking pioneered the use of modern teaching and learning methods for students through.

FPT Skillking facility in Hanoi was officially opened on April 14 with 30 first students.

Accordingly, FPT Skillking students will be trained in 2 years with 4 semesters from marketing experts and consultants of big companies and corporations. The program structure is designed to focus on the specialized skills including SEO, Social Media, etc. every semester. Students will use the Smart Lab method, which helps them to learn easily.

FPT Skillking graduates are awarded the international Higher Diploma in Digital Marketing and can transfer to other units of FPT Education. FPT Skillking is also known as the first Digital Marketing school in Vietnam.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Le Huu Phuoc – Training Director at FPT Skillking and Mr. Harsh Suresh Bharwani – Director of Skillking India, pledged the quality of training with the focus on the development of comprehensive skills to meet the rigorous demands of employers and help students have a stable job with good income.

Many companies operating in the field of Digital Marketing have committed to provide jobs for FPT Skillking students upon graduation. Especially, on the occasion of opening the first training course, FPT Skillking handed out a savings book worth VND 8 million (USD 351.6) to 30 new students for start-up purpose after completing the course.

Within the framework of the opening ceremony of FPT Skillking in Hanoi and the first course, businesses operating in the field of Digital Marketing have committed to provide jobs for students upon graduation.

In recent years, along with the development of the Internet and digital devices, the economy has shifted from traditional business to e- commerce. Accordingly, Digital Marketing has become one of the hottest trend not only in the world but also in Vietnam, attracting a lot of young people to study and work.

The recruitment demand on “Digital Marketing” positions is also increasing, more than 48 million search results when looking up “Digital Marketing Jobs” on Google. The average salary is competitive with about USD 78,000 a year in the US and USD 7,000 a year in Vietnam. However, in reality, most of the staffs of Digital Marketing work by their experiences or self-learning knowledge.

The launch of FPT Skillking has contributed to the expand of the training and education system of FPT Education. In addition, it also serves the needs of young people who are keen to pursue Digital Marketing.

Source: FPT Education& Chungta.vn