FPT IS and SecureMetric introduce security solution for digital transactions

Deploying authentication solution and security for digital transactions is an emerging issue which many banks, financial institutions and securities companies focus on. To address this issue, FPT IS teamed up with SecureMetric- the leading security company in Southeast Asia, to introduce multi-factor authentication solution and mobile apps security for digital transactions, helping users minimize the risk of online payments.

Specifically, the centralized authentication solution (Centagate) provided by FPT IS and SecureMetric is capable of meeting the security requirements for a wide variety of transactions at various levels through a variety of authentication methods such as SMS OTP, matrix cards, OTP Token, Soft OTP, biometrics and digital certificates etc. Especially, thanks to the application of artificial intelligence technology, the solution is able to assess the risk of transactions in time to prevent fraud when trading. This solution has been deployed successfully in many countries in Asian such as Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, etc.

For the protection of mobile banking apps, FPT IS and SecureMetric provides SMobileShieldX, which helps detect and block attacks such as virus insertion, fake apps to access sensitive data, stealing intellectual property. Especially, if mobile devices are attacked, mobile payment apps are still safe. The solution now has more than 100 million users worldwide, especially being used by many banks in Asia such as HSBC.

The representative of FPT IS presents a new security solution for banks.

“FPT IS has nearly 25 years of experience in providing large systems for the Vietnamese banking and finance industry. The company is also a signature service provider licensed by the Ministry of Information and Communications. In the 4.0 industrial revolution, FPT IS pioneers digital service development for the banking and finance sector,” said Chairman of FPT IS Duong Trieu Dung. “FPT IS’s cooperation with the world’s leading security companies to introduce security solutions for electronic transactions will improve Vietnam’s electronic payment platform”. The company also committed to offer high-quality products and solutions which meet international standards.

“Via our cooperation with FPT IS, we hope to have the opportunity to provide strong and practical solutions for finance and banking customers, meeting the increasingly demanding requirements of the 4.0 industrial revolution,” said Tran Minh Duc- Manager of SecureMetric in Vietnam.

Source: FPT Corporation