FPT Polytechnic Da Nang participated in “IT Talent 2017”

As a unit of high quality human resources training, FPT Polytechnic Danang College of Business participated in the “IT Talent 2017” program hosted by the Department of Information and Communications on May 20th, 2017, at Software Park, 02 Quang Trung, Da Nang City.




“IT Talent 2017” is the short name for the ‘Danang Information Technology Opportunities and Opportunities – 2017’ program. It works to promote the connection between enterprises and enterprises, between enterprises and consumers and enterprises with high quality labor force.


Many activities took place at the festival with more than 20 booths displaying information technology products and communications of large enterprises in the area. Also at the booth, the units recruited staff and career counselors working in the field of Information Technology.


“FPT Polytechnic Danang hopes to create a new playground for IT Talent 2017”, said Mr. Phung Quoc Bao – The Admissions Staff of FPT Polytechnic College of Practice. “It is a place for exchanging and learning as well as helping students approach IT businesses in the city. Here, FPT Polytechnic Danang will also build an exhibition booth with information about learning and career opportunities. “


Especially, for the first time at IT Talent 2017, there was a computer solving contest, a simulation of the famous and longstanding ACM-ICPC (ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest – A competition for students of universities and colleges around the globe).




Each team took one exam (6 to 8 problems) and worked on a PC for a maximum of 4 hours. After completing the quiz, all the teams would submit the papers and ask the jury to mark them immediately. The results was announced at the examination area. The test which passed the whole test would be counted 1 point, otherwise would be returned with no point rewarded. The results of each team’s overall ranking are based on the total points scored by the team. The winning team is the team with the highest total score. In case two teams earn the same total number of scores; the shorter the completion time, the higher the rank.


“The competition requires participants to solve a number of computer-specific problems so that the Organizing Committee would like the teams to solve problems with a complete, error-free program. In particular, the competition encourages teamwork in order to meet the requirements of the assignment. This is also a content of community, interaction in the field of IT. In addition, we also want the children to improve foreign languages, especially specialized terminology when working together, “said Phan Huu Can, regular program organizer.


The FPT Polytechnic Danang Training College regularly participates in major events organized by the Department of Information and Communications, such as: ICT Innovation Danang, Hackathon Competition Web Application Programming & Programming for Mobile Applications, Computer pyrotechnics show competition … to help students have the opportunity to rub, learn and develop skills.


Translated from caodang.fpt.edu.vn