FPT University “Talent” who got Certificates of Merit by Three Models of Prime Minister of Vietnam

On the journey to look for “Golden Boys” of Vietnamese mathematics for a while, the reporters were very surprised to hear that a Vietnamese student had won two international Mathematical Olympiad medals for two consecutive years and was awarded certificates of merit by 3 models of the Prime Minister of Vietnam.

That student is PhD. Phan Phuong Dat, currently Vice Director of FPT Online University – Funix.

Mr. Phan Phuong Dat, Director of Human Resource Training Center of FPT Software, being the only student awarded the Certificate of Merit by 3 models of the Vietnamese Prime Minister.
PhD. Phan Phuong Dat, Vice Director of Online University of FPT – Funix, being the only student awarded the Certificate of Merit by 3 models of the Vietnamese Prime Minister.

To get these achievements, he explained that he was fortunate to have been driven by his parents and learned from many good teachers and good friends.

The family does not have a tradition of scientific research, but his parents spent a great deal of time and effort creating conditions for their children to study. “Wherever good teachers are, my parents come and ask them to study.” – Mr. Dat laughed.

The environment with many good teachers, good friends and the program is also more advanced and attractive, creating the competition for students of Hanoi Amsterdam High School, and giving him many advantages to get many achievements that have made young people admire.

He recalled happily: “I did not realize that I had any secrets to study, just focused on studying, now when looking back, he assumes that it is probably because of two points: First, when you see good teachers, just come to ask for studying with them . Second, there is an interesting math book, just take it to read, or when finding any good problems, just try solving it.

At that time, getting an interesting math book is very difficult, so he had to borrow copies often. But now, with the development of information technology, young people can easily go online to gather knowledge on the forums.

Recalling that being the only students to get awarded certificates of merit by three models of the Prime Minister, he confided: “I really do not notice, it is also coincidental that I take exams coincided with several changes of the Prime Minister over the years. Afterwards, when the press exploited this event, he paid attention.

Mr. Dat shared, the first time he was awarded by the Former Prime Minister, Sir Pham Van Dong. Then, Chairman of the Council of Minister Mr. Pham Hung (the other name of the Prime Minister at the time) but he passed away thereafter and his successor as Chairman of the Council Minister, Sir Do Muoi.

In just two years, with two bronze medals (1987) and a silver medal (1988), he became the only Vietnamese student to receive Certificate of Merit from three models of the Prime Minister.

Mr. Phan Phuong Dat is known as a ‘Monster’ of FPT

Mr. Dat shared about his motive to FPT: “In the past, when choosing a college, I chose informatics instead of mathematics because I knew that I was not capable of studying mathematics. After graduating and coming back to Vietnam, his friends invited him to go into FPT because FPT is a computer company (now the popular name is information technology).”

Mr. Dat shared with students about job opportunities at FPT Software
Mr. Dat shared with students about job opportunities at FPT Software

Mr. Dat has also experienced a number of important positions such as Chief of Staff of FSoft, Chief of Staff of FPT and Deputy General Director of FSoft, Director of Human Resource Training Center of FPT Software, Vice Rector of FPT University and is Vice Director of Funix. In any positions, he also promotes his efficiency in work.

Mr. Dat is known as one of FPT's talented leaders
Mr. Dat is known as one of FPT’s talented leaders

As a participant in discussions at many forums on the use of talents, Mr. Dat said that talented people are now getting more and more opportunities to show and in various environments such as civil servants, researchers, lecturers, teaching, business, etc. 

He said that FPT also has a club called FYT (FPT Young Talents), where good students are given opportunities to interact with successful people, with each other and with older seniors. There will be many chances for you to grasp. After 13 years of operation, there are 300 members in FPT Young Talents, of which more than 100 have got international winners, all of them highly appreciate FPT Young Talents model.

Mr. Phan Phuong Dat was a former pupil of Hanoi Amsterdam High School.

Two consecutive years won the International Mathematical Olympiad medal. He achieved Bronze Medals in 1987 and a Silver Medal in 1988.

Mr. Phan Phuong Dat graduated in Applied Mathematics Program and then got his Ph.D. in Kishinhov University (Moldova).

Mr. Phan Phuong Dat joined FPT in 1998 at a time when FPT started its software export strategy.

He was the Chief of Human Resources of FSOFT from 1998 to 2006. He made significant contributions to build the human resources system at FSOFT, FPT’s member company with more than 2,000 employees.

From 2007 to 2009, he was Head of Human Resources of FPT. He contributed to the development of important activities in the system of FPT human resources such as My FPT – Project on the road map for FPT staff, Human Resources Department 1, 2 – Senior Human Resource Management Unit, FLI – FPT Leadership Academy.

In 2010, Mr. Phan Phuong Dat ceased his position as Head of Human Resources of FPT, and was appointed as Deputy General Director of FSoft in charge of BA.

Currently, Mr. Phan Phuong Dat is the Vice Director of Funix.