FPT IS opened its first Research and Development Center

The Research and Development Center of FPT IS (FIS R&D) led by Chief Technology Officer Phan Thanh Son, will focus on new and advanced solutions as well as application of new technologies into the production and business of the company.

FPT IS Chairman Duong Dung Trieu recently decided to set up a Research and Development Center (FIS R&D). Accordingly, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Phan Thanh Son will hold the Director position of the Center for 3 years.

FPT IS Chief Technology Officer Phan Thanh Son (3rd from left) will be the Director of R&D Center. Picture: Ha Duong.

With the main functions of researching, developing and deploying new and in-depth solutions to apply new technologies into the production and business of FPT IS, the R&D Center is expected to improve the capability and technology innovation of the company.

In addition, FIS R&D will be the focal point to coordinate, receive and transfer technology between the corporation, member companies or related units in order to enhance the ability and efficiency of FPT IS.

According to CTO Phan Thanh Son, the R&D Center will begin researching and building new solutions for infrastructure and software platforms to develop new software packages, rental software and tailor-made software, etc.  in the shortest time. These are expected to improve the efficiency of hi-tech products/services that FPT IS is providing. In addition, the R&D Center will also promote research and development of innovative products of the unit.

Source: Chungta.vn