FPT to open FPT Innovation Lab in Brunei Darussalam

FPT Innovation Lab (FIL), the first official project of education between FPT Education (FE) and the University of Brunei Darussalam (UBD), is set to open in August this year.


FPT rewards certificates to Bruneian students.


FE and UBD have exchanged students for years, but this project seriously marks a leap between the two, according to Mr. Pham Trung Hai, FPT Lab Operation Manager and Chef Mentor. FIL Management is just another task for him, besides program design, coordination, lecturing, students care and public relations. He has worked for FPT since 2008 and for FE since 2013.


The Innovation Lab is a project-based educational model, which brings realistic business tasks to classes in order to familiarize students with the real business world. On one level, its function is to equip students with necessary skills to meet the technical requirements of companies or corporations. On the higher one, the lab is the co-operation between universities and enterprises. 


FPT University in Brunei Darussalam.
FPT University welcomes students from Brunei Darussalam.


Projects in the lab ranging from Information Technology to 3D Printing, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Mobile, etc… and anyone can come up with project ideas: students, lecturers, partners, FPT or UBD. In addition, the lab also delivers unique cultural, communication & international experiences to students.


Brunei is a rich country in Southeast Asia, however their economy is way too dependent on oil, their agriculture is underdeveloped, and their industry must always sacrifice for the environment. Consequently, the career options for Bruneian students are extremely limited, and not to mention that the country is facing the threat of oil depletion in the next 20 years. UBD and the Bruneian government see the prospect and they realize that technology and service in general, and FPT majors specifically, will be the helping hands. 


Oil & Gas is the backbone of the economy of Brunei Darussalam.


Mr. Hai hopes that the project will last after the pilot year of 2017. If successful, FIL will be a long-term project in Brunei and another lab will be established in Philippines for the future. 


Here are some of the first photos inside the lab: