FPT launches communication support application based on AI

On August 23, FPT Japan officially launched Speakdi – the Japanese-Vietnamese communication application on App Store. Speakdi uses the Text to Speech and Speech To Text technology of FPT. AI, an artificial intelligence technology platform launched by FPT in early June 2017. 


“Speakdi” stands for “Speak đi” (Let’s speak), focusing on natural conversations that can be made everywhere and every time. Speakdi has been researched and developed with the desire of enhancing experience of Japanese customers working and traveling with local people in Vietnam as well as serving Japanese customers working with Vietnamese people in Japan and especially Vietnamese people coming to Japan in the upcoming Olympics 2020. With Speakdi, users can speak or type to use. Application consists of nearly 1,400 conversations in various field and continuously updated with the ability to meet 80% of the common use.

In addition to the prominent feature of using FPT.AI’s natural language processing technology, Speakdi is also developed based on FDIC (FPT Software Global Comter) tool developed by FPT Software based on 17- year experience working with Japanese customers.

Every month users are automatically granted free use corresponding 4,000 characters, equivalent of continuous translation within 30 minutes, after this, a charge will be applied.

In the future, Speakdi also has virtual assistant, and is able to save favorite sentence patterns for future use.

“Since Japanese is one of the most complicated languages in the world, our team is working with FPT.AI to improve quality,” Nguyen Cam Tu from FPT Japan shared. “By overcoming obstacles in dealing with Japanese, the project team is fully confident with similar opportunities in the future”.